Chris Chris 03.03.2022

Holders of our ERC-721A NFT collection will be Automatically included in Weekly Draws of ~$1000 — Founder's Interview

This time around we are talking to Mindbend.eth the lead developer of Post Apocalyptic Neo Kombat. He has technical background is 8+ years of development experience in various technologies such as JS/TS, Python, Data Science and FinTech. Started blockchain development in 2017 and fell in love with it since. Currently leading a development team for a company that does both traditional finance products (neo-bank / web2) as well as building a financial protocol on the blockchain (web3).

Chris: Post-Apocalyptic Neo Kombat NFT is based on a fight between 4 different clans. What is the story?

Mindbend.eth: As civilization advanced, humans started replacing body-parts with electronics more frequently until the emergence of Bionic Cyborgs. Other humans lost their humanity, aiming to gain power and seeking help from non-earthly entities, demons, which eventually gave birth to Demonic Mortals. As these 2 groups started to rebel against governments, special Military Regiments were created to keep things under control by a global agreement.

It was a time when the world felt cold, cruel, and lacked emotion. During 3295, the year the Apocalypse took place, Bionic Cyborgs worked towards understanding the reasons behind Alien Monsters’ unforeseen visit to Earth 12 years prior, which was the first ever publicly widespread legitimate Alien sighting. They were able to hold 2 of the Aliens Monsters as hostages and were continuously experimenting and analyzing them to determine the level of advancement in their abilities and whether they may pose any potential risk to planet Earth. In the following years, many Studies in this field were published and what was confirmed included that these Alien Monsters did not communicate verbally, but instead they communicate telepathically. They also had telekinetic powers which made it very difficult to hold them hostage at first until Bionic Cyborgs realized they cannot use their telekinetic power without their vision. Do I need to tell you what happens next? It gets ugly.

Bionic Cyborgs also realized these creatures had more strength in large groups, and they can generate a fatal telekinetic force if they synchronize their thoughts. This triggered immediate panic as it wasn’t yet known how large their population was, and the likelihood of those Alien Monsters planning a potential attack in attempts to wipe out Earth’s population.

Chris: That’s interesting. So, how do the investors participate in the fight? Is it possible to choose a clan when they buy the NFT?

Mindbend.eth: Currently, all characters have mixed attributes. Almost all attributes have a power-level (some can be purely cosmetic). A user's first step to purchase an NFT character which will have an overall power-level based on the attributes it has. In near-future developments (post sell out), the AR game will allow a character to join one of the four clans and "claim" a territory or multiple territories (based on their physical location). These claimed territories can be disputed by other clans depending on their power-levels, however, disputing a territory requires players to be in the same location in the real-world. Owners of the NFT collection will be able to stake their NFTs to earn in-game currency which can be used to upgrade weapons and power-levels before the game is launched in preparation. The in-game currency is then used to participate in these fights, to claim territories and dispute their ownership.

Chris: How do you define a character as complete? There are very few of them who are ‘complete’. How does the investor find and invest in those NFTs?

Mindbend.eth: Characters defined as complete are essentially ones whose attributes belong to the same categories (clan type). This is related to rarity and complete characters will have a special attribute to signify that their attributes all come from the same category (out of the 4 clans / categories).

Chris: Also, what else can one do with their ERC-21 token of the Post-Apocalyptic Neo Kombat NFT?

Mindbend.eth: Any holder of our ERC-721A NFT collection will be automatically included in weekly draws of ~$1000 (estimate based on current ETH price). The funds for this weekly draw will come from staking 50% of all sales from the collection in our treasury. This will only begin to happen once the collection is fully sold out. Holders will also be able to stake their NFTs to earn in-game currency (we don't promise monetary value) as well as get access to an exclusive online store which can only be seen by the collection's holders.

Chris: When is the token release date? You are also having special airdrops in due course. What are the important dates that the investor should know?

Mindbend.eth: > March 1, 2022: Minting begins (will be closed once we reach 1000 holders)

> March 7, 2022: Initial reveal

> March 21-29, 2022: Second minting begins (will only end once we sell out)

> April 7, 2022: Final reveal

> May 7, 2022: Enable staking for in-game currency

> TBD: start weekly draws (will start 1 week after fully selling out)

Chris: In addition to that, what is the minting process of the NFT. How do the investors buy tokens?

Mindbend.eth: Investors will be able to mint the tokens on our website. Purchasing already minted tokens can happen on any secondary market such as OpenSea.

Chris: Do you also have a minting limit per user? How do you plan to use the proceeds from the sale?

Mindbend.eth: Minting limits are 12 NFTs per transaction. The fact that we are using an ERC721A contract makes minting fees almost the same regardless how many NFTs an investor chooses to mint on a given transaction. We also have a special feature in our smart contract called "boost", this feature allows users to get more tokens during minting than what they are paying for. For example, if the boost is set to 2x and a user mints 6 NFTs, they'll actually get 12, within the same transaction. These boosts will only be enabled ad-hoc and announced via our Twitter and Discord to early investors.

Chris: Before closing, please let us know some of the milestones that the team of Post-Apocalyptic Neo Kombat NFT hopes to achieve in 2022.

Mindbend.eth: Once we've fully sold the first collection, there are a few key milestones we are working on this year:

A. Launch the staking smart contract + weekly draws smart contract.

B. Launch a non-profit DAO to help orphans of war, this is a slightly separate effort but as stated in our litepaper, we are setting aside 20% of all earnings towards this goal. It's a major one for us. We need to secure reputable relationships such that these funds would ideally be disbursed on-chain. We also aim to focus our efforts on tech-education for the war orphans that are set to benefit from this DAO.

C. Launch v1 of our AR game relating to claiming and disputing territories as well as upgrading NFTs with weapons and increasing power-levels.