Chris Chris 02.03.2022

The main Idea here is that Everyone has an Inner Warrior - it's Time to Find Yours — Creator's Interview

Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with Panther, The founder of N3Alpha NightWalkerz. Let's get into it.

Chris: The Na$Ty NODz NFT looks something quite out of the ordinary. What do these NFTs represent? Why did you want to make the nerds NFT?

Panther: The Na$ty NODz NFT series represents courage, bravery, and confidence when facing the unknown. These NFTs are meant to be a visual inspiration to quench fear, and serve as a reminder of the inner strength of the individual. When you look at one of our NFTs, you're not just looking at a digital asset - You're looking the avatar of your 'Warrior Spirit' in the face. The main idea here is that everyone has an inner warrior - it's time to find yours.

Chris: Moreover, the token features are yet to release. What are some of the key distinct features to look out for? How is each token unique and different from the other?

Panther: The most unique feature to be on the lookout for would be the rare, high-tech Night Optical Devices (aka Night Vision Goggles [NVGs]) and combat helmets equipped by our avatars. Each one will differ in color, pattern, and even style; as this broad series will expand into multiple variation branches.

Chris: Furthermore, how many such Na$Ty NODz NFTs are set to release in the future? What will be the floor price for each token?

Panther: The Na$ty NODz 'Nightwalkerz' NFT branch will have thousands of time-released drops, as opposed to the standard 10k cheap sets that are currently popular among 2D NFTs. This is to ensure the highest quality and rarity of each individual token. Also, as mentioned before, the overall Na$ty NODz NFT Association (N3Alpha) hub will have multiple release branches, so it's safe to say that we plan on growing the number of drops indefinitely! Floor price will begin at 20ETH.

Chris: Again, how much will be the gas for the Na$Ty NODz NFT? Do you also plan to have presale and airdrops?

Panther: As for gas fees, some releases will be on the polygon network, and others will be on the standard ETH chain, but the primary platform of sale will be OpenSea. As we expand across multiple platforms, gas fees will change, but as of right now, if you're tuned in to current OpenSea gas fees, you have a solid idea.

Chris: Your Twitter is abuzz with the upcoming drops and news of the token. Where can the potential investors read up on all they want to know about the Na$Ty NODz NFT?

Panther: The best place to read up about our brand and collections would be our OpeSea page. The NFT Freshly newsletter just recently posted an article about us as well. We can also be reached on Twitter @ZeroDark_QWERTY while our website is in development.

Chris: Additionally, what is your roadmap for the future? How do you plan to go ahead after completing sales of the NFT?

Panther: We plan on growing a community for gamers, Crypto enthusiasts, and combat lovers alike, to come together and coexist in a high-speed beneficial environment to network, and share content. We're also committed to donating a portion of all funds raised to programs that advocate for cyber bullying education, suicide awareness/prevention, and combat veteran support.

Chris: Finally, how can one buy the Na$Ty NODz NFT? Please lay down the steps in simple terms.

Panther: Any one of our releases will be available for purchase on OpenSea.