Chris Chris 01.03.2022

With Clark Audio the music tends to match the image in a way that gives off a Specific Mood or Feeling β€” Founder's Interview

This time around we are talking to Kameron, Founder of Clark Audio a pro-audio company that produces, publishes and sells royalty-free musical elements, synthesizer presets, software plugins and MIDI content for music producers and artists. His professional background started when he graduated High School. Right out of High School he started working for a Web Design / Digital Marketing company.  There he developed the skills of graphic design, web design, and digital marketing. At the same time he was producing music for local artists on the side. But later on he left this company to start Clark Audio. 

Chris: Lofi Vibes NFTs are a combination of artwork and audio NFTs. What are the key compositions in the Lofi Vibes NFT? Do the sounds follow a theme or a pattern?

Kameron: The overall vision for Lofi Vibes is for each NFT to give off a specific 'vibe'. Therefore, the music tends to match the image in a way that gives off a specific mood or feeling. 

Chris: Subsequently, what do the artworks represent? What are the key features of the artwork?

Kameron: The artwork represents the different moods, feelings or vibes. For example, a calm vibe's image will contain soft relaxing color schemes and scenes. 

Chris: In the same way, please allow us to know how each artwork is different and unique? What are the unique traits and characteristics?

Kameron: Each piece of artwork is first hand drawn before digitally designed which results in each image being completely unique. These images are in no way generated to look similar in certain ways. Each image features new characters, scenes, and color schemes designed to best represent the audio included. 

Chris: Do you also have some special tokens that hold a premium price? What are the rarity traits?

Kameron: Special tokens not available right now.

Chris: Following the previous question, what is the price of each Lofi Vibes NFT?

Kameron: The floor price is currently .07 ETH. 


Chris: What do you plan to do with the sale proceeds? Do you have reinvestment or expansion plans for the future of Lofi Vibes NFT?

Kameron: To be completely transparent we have been studying the NFT space for a few years. As a pro audio company we decided to start the Lofi Vibes project to 'test' the waters of bringing professional music into the NFT space and acting as a pioneer to our users to show them how music can fit into the NFT space. With Lofi Vibes being our first project we plan to use the proceeds to help build NFT projects and potentially new markets that are geared specifically towards music based NFTs. 

Chris: It is equally important for us to understand if you also have some collaborations or marketing plans to increase the reach and scope of the NFT?

Kameron: Since Lofi Vibes is our first project, our main objective right now is to educate our users on the future of NFTs and music. As awareness and adoption continues to grow we have plans of collaborating with grammy-nominated & multi-platinum producers on future releases. Our end goal is to inspire growth into the music NFT space. 

Chris: In the end, please lay down the entire process of purchasing the Lofi Vibes NFT in simple terms.

Kameron: Lofi Vibes is currently listed on OpenSea which makes the purchasing process fairly easy. You can simply purchase on OpenSea which will then unlock lockable content and you will also be able to add your NFT into your wallet.