Chris Chris 01.03.2022

Owners will get a Discount for any Future Collections and any Warriors products for Free as well — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Justin: My name is Justin and I am the founder of the project. I also go by SlothWallace and WarriorsNFT on Discord. I'm a gamer, musician, and animal lover. I’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency scene for a number of years now and have a background in cybersecurity and technologies. The team consists of myself, a developer, artist/creative director, and creative writer.

I am a veteran of the military and believe that everyday people and animals are warriors, each fighting things in a different way. Whether it's a fight for survival or acceptance, or against anxiety and depression, I want to create a project that highlights the battles we each face daily and remind everyone that it’s okay to be different and unique as a person. This project aims to bring awareness to endangered animals and celebrate our individuality at the same time.

Chris: Sloth Warriors NFT are fighting for existence. These NFTs are aimed at animal protection and conservation. How did the team get together to work towards the idea of developing NFTs for Sloths? 

Justin: Well I saw the movie Zootopia and the sloth scenes were hilarious, but that made me dig a little deeper. I didn’t realize sloths were so endangered! I have a dog and he’s my lifesaver and to be honest humans need to give more to our world and the environment.

Ultimately I’d like to create a universe of Warriors NFTs that consists of animals fighting against extinction, starting with sloths.

Chris: How much of the fund will be allocated towards the charitable initiative? What charitable trusts do you want to target? Do you also plan to have a DAO to decide on these matters?

Justin: 20% of earnings will go towards foundations that support conservation efforts. With a successful release of Sloth Warriors, we hope to release additional series (such as Bear Warriors) so we can contribute to other foundations. Every future collection of Warrior NFTs will go towards animal conservation foundations. With the Sloth Warriors we plan to donate to The Sloth Conservation Foundation and others.

Chris: Accordingly, how do you plan to release the tokens in the metaverse? Do you have any airdrop or presale plans?

Justin: The pre-sale begins March 25th.This will allow devoted community members a guaranteed  portion of the total supply of Sloth Warriors. Whitelist spaces are given away to our Discord members and Twitter followers. The exclusive pre-sale is for whitelist members only and these spaces are reserved for OG members, active community contributors and competition winners!

Chris: More importantly, how will you price the tokens? Will the investor receive a surprise character when they buy the token or can they pick and choose the NFT they want to buy based on rarity and prices?

Justin: The price of Sloth Warriors will be 0.06 Ethereum. Each buyer will have a unique Sloth Warrior.  In phase 3 of the roadmap, the Warriors Story Submission Program seeks to have members of the community write stories, produce artwork, and establish lore for their warriors which will become integrated into future Warriors NFT products.

Owners of a Sloth Warriors NFT will get a discount for any future Warriors NFT collections and owners will also get any Warriors products (e.g. video game) for free as well.

Chris: Also, there is a plan to release additional warriors following the lead of the Sloth Warriors NFT. What will they be? Do you want to expand the bear collection or create some other animal NFT?

Justin: We do plan to release additional animal warriors such as Bear Warriors (will be Polar Bears) and Hamster Warriors (based off the endangered European Hamster), which are vulnerable or fighting against extinction. We plan to create and integrate these future releases into the Warriors NFT Marketplace.

Chris: In the same way, what are your plans on collaboration and market expansion for increasing the reach of Sloth Warriors NFT?

Justin: We are currently exploring options for collaboration with other NFT projects. Compared to other NFTs, we are small but with big ambitions.

Chris: In the end, please describe the process of minting the token in the interest of the investors?

Justin: On the day of the sale (or pre-sale if you are whitelisted!) access the website for minting with metamask! Instructions will be available on the website and Discord as well.