Japanese E-Commerce Giant Rakuten to Launch Its NFT Marketplace

The previous year with its NFT boom looks like a rehearsal before the explosion of 2022. New major brands, companies, and influencers engaged in all areas of activity join the blockchain every day, and artists drop their NFT collections every single hour. One of the latest companies to jump into the non-fungible realm is a Japan-originated e-commerce firm Rakuten. 

According to the company's recent announcement, Rakuten is planning to create its own NFT marketplace against the background of the exponentially growing non-fungible craze. According to Rakuten, its NFT marketplace will also host a platform to allow intellectual property owners to create their internet sources for trading NFTs.

While the whole 126-million nation all being avid fans of anime and manga culture, the recent news about the local giant company joining the NFT realm will bring a bunch of benefits for the country.