Chris Chris 27.02.2022

Each asset is completely Unique for our legendary Rooms and won't be Found in other Rooms, Ever — Founder's Interview

Robin is the project's founder and visionary and goes by the alias Lord Robin in Discord. He's a small business owner from Los Angeles, CA. Robins education includes Business Management and Software Engineering. In addition, he is a Blender and Gaming enthusiast who develops 3D assets and video games in his free time. Robins's passion has extended into the crypto space since 2017 after participating in an incubator program for six months in San Mateo, CA. But, most importantly, he is a person just like you—a lover, dreamer, and creator of the digital world.

Chris: Get Outta My Room Metaversal NFTs are 10000 unique rooms created using 200 different assets. What made you develop the idea of creating rooms on the Metaverse?
Robin: We have had our eyes on the NFT space for over a year, and all we kept seeing were the standard profile picture projects. Even though those are awesome and have a solid place in the space, we wanted to branch out and push the community past where it was. Moving to rooms and areas gave us more to work with regarding assets, styles, and materials. It also positions us well for the future of the space and what we want to do. Many projects say their NFTs are Metaverse ready, but that doesn't mean much. We are making our assets a part of the Metaverse.
Chris: The number of assets used for creating the rooms is huge. Who all are behind the artwork? Would you like to introduce your team here?
Robin: ANMP is the studio we partnered with that creates all of our rooms and assets. They are a group of passionate artists that regularly work with large companies like Marvel & Disney. After getting their expertise in making well-known movies such as Lion King, Maleficent, Transformers, and more, they decided it was time to gather the best artists from all over the world to join us in executing this creative project.
We will be releasing bio's for all of our team members in the future so our community will be more informed about our experience.
Chris: Owners can receive upgrades of their NFTs? How does one get a room updated? Do you add more assets?
Robin: Owners will be able to upgrade (or downgrade) their NFT's value by using our customization tool. Owners will select which room they want to customize and then select another NFT they own. Our tool will then add that NFT to a poster slot (3 available) in their room. We are the first project that allows the owners to change/edit/customize the actual NFTs they purchased. Adding an awesome NFT that you own to the walls of your room can help increase its value. For example, adding a real BAYC NFT to your room can increase its value, but adding a bad NFT may decrease it. So choose your posters wisely.
We also will have a tool that lets anyone read the data of each NFT added to the walls so that any fake NFTs will be exposed.
In the future, as we build out our long-term goals of a Digital Home, everything will be customizable. From beds to desks, to wall colors, etc. These assets will be given, earned, and created by the community.

Chris: All of this sounds very interesting! How does one buy their NFT?
Robin: Our NFTs will be minted solely on our website. After Mint, if you want to purchase on the secondary market, our collection will also be on OpenSea.You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates.
Chris: More importantly, what will be the price of each Get Outta My Room Metaversal NFT?
Robin: Our pricing model hasn't been solidified, but we will maintain the original spirit of the NFT community. Our mint price will not be 1-2ETH like other projects that have been released recently. Our goal is to make the rooms accessible to the broader community, and our price will reflect that.
Chris: When do the tokens go up for sale? Is there a way to identify the unique and rare tokens?
Robin: Our goal is to release at the end of March. Each token will have unique attributes that are released on a rarity weighting system which means common items will appear more while rarer items will appear much much less. Each asset is completely unique for our legendary rooms and won't be found in other rooms, ever.
Chris: Before closing, would you like to highlight some of the key milestones you hope to achieve in the next two-quarters of Get Outta My Room Metaversal NFT?
Robin: We have two significant milestones coming up. First is our Mint. We plan to sell out and begin developing our Phase 4 goal, which is to build a fully engageable digital home that is your starting point to the rest of the Metaverse.
Our second significant milestone is soon after Mint. We are airdropping to all owners an OnCyber engageable and customizable space. Similar to RTFKT's Space Pod. We will have three different versions, which will be randomly airdropped to each owner of a GOMR room.
We hope that people share our vision for a life in the Metaverse, and we plan on giving everyone a starting point for that life. We won't stop at 10k mints as we prepare to release larger and more expansive collections, all at the right moments. Owners of GOMR rooms will also have first picks for the rest of our collections.