Chris Chris 27.02.2022

$damn Token will also be Redeemable for Merch, Future Drops and other IRL Utility — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Rarepepi: I’m that hacker kid from high school but with 7 years of experience now, allowing the Building Beaverz to have some of the coolest digital utility ever seen in the NFT space. As someone who has launched multiple projects and decentralized applications, I’m excited to finally create the Building Beaverz Meta World. I’m particularly excited about the new smart contract utility called #teamfi, a competition amongst NFT holders that flourishes teamwork, companionship, learning, teaching, and the creation of real friends during fun cooperative games. These games of course include prizes, exclusive feature IRL Art drop mints, and the glory of winning with frens! Currently I’m finishing up University at a well-known institution in New York City, I have published papers in Financial Cryptography academic journals, I enjoy coding late into the night, and I can't ever get away from tinkering on new cutting-edge technology lol.

Redpill: Serial entrepreneur, NFT collector, crypto investor since 2017. Having been raised by 2 artists and being brought up in the art world, I have a particular passion for helping IRL artist become successful in this new digital frontier. I also recognized that there was a huge void in the gamified NFT space for team like cooperation. After partnering with @rarepepi#6750and his immense technical and coding abilities, I stayed up all night one night and wrote the first draft for the first ever "TeamFi" project, Building Beaverz.

Chris: The Building Beaverz NFT are characters in a “Team-Fi” NFT collection. They and cute and powerful. What is the Team Fi and what is your story behind the game development? 

Rarepepi: Inspired by some of our favorite gamified NFT projects, we sought out to innovate in the gamification aspect of NFTs and gave birth to “teamfi”. We thought that introducing the aspect of teamwork would add an additional layer of excitement to an already fun party. After all, who doesn’t like winning with their friends?? Instead of each person for themselves, playing on their own, why not share the glory with your colony? In Building Beaverz, players/ NFT holders get to build together, strategize together and encourage each other as you work with your colony to win the Ultimate Building Championship (UBC)!

Chris: Further, how do the characters interplay in the game? Do they have levels to cross or colonies to conquer?

Redpill: There are 4 colonies that compete with each other in the 5 games in season 1. With 2,500 Beaverz per colony, Beaverz work together in games ranging from building dams, solving puzzles, scavenger hunting, collecting art, breeding and more. Use your combined colony’s brainpower to figure out the puzzles and get ahead in the 5 games! To help facilitate this we created house specific, ownership verified discord chats for each house. The house that works together and scores the most amount of logs wins the UBC season 1.

Chris: The beaverz are unique in many ways. What traits and characteristics make each one of them different from the rest?

Rarepepi: In nature beavers are known as builders so therefore our common beavers are equipped with construction tools and some even have construction hats. Because our 4 colonies have their own unique themes, we have given each colony unique traits that represent the colony which they belong to.

Our 4 colonies are: Beavindor, Beavranos, Tarbeavyen &Beaverz Strike Back

Chris: Are some Building Beaverz more powerful than the others? How can I get my hands on the important Building Beaverz NFTs?

Redpill: Though there will be different levels of rarity that will be generated randomly during mint, initially all beaverz will be equally as “powerful”. After the first game “Gear Them Up”, the beaverz that will have been upgraded in that game will hold certain advantages over other beaverz in future games.

Chris: There are 10000 tokens set to release in the coming days. What will be the price of each token?

Rarepepi: .05 ETH per NFT.

Chris: Consequently, how do I buy my Building Beaverz NFT? Could you chart out the entire process in simple terms?

Redpill: Building Beaverz will be available for mint on our website February 28th. In order to mint a building beaver you will have to play a little game we've designed. We call this process “play to mint”.

Chris: As a result of my purchase, what do I get in my NFT? What can the investor do with their token?

Redpill: You will have access to our ever-expanding ecosystem, the support of the colony you have chosen, and the opportunity to participate, play and compete in the games we have designed.

Also, Building Beaverz generate 1 $damn utility token per day which will be used to gear them up, breed them, build dams and mini colonies of their own. $damn token will also be redeemable for merch, future drops and other IRL utility.

Though it’s sometimes forgotten, this industry was created for artists. It is our mission to help artists who have a market in the real world but not yet in the NFT space, succeed in this new digital frontier. To do so we have partnered with Refusalon gallery who’s private clients include Yoko Ono, Shimon Peres, and the Dali Lama and have represented art by renowned artists such as Dale Chihuly, Sandro Xchia and Sol Lewitt. Several artists from their collective are now creating their very first NFTs which will be available to mint exclusively through our platform and mintable with $damn tokens.

Chris: In conclusion, would you like to share some of the key pointers of your roadmap?

Rarepepi: At the end of season 1, after the 5 games have concluded, winners will get special awards and prizes chosen by the community, exclusive merchandise, recognition and VIP access to the UBC celebration: a party and award ceremony that will take place at an art gallery with our collaborators and artists in LA or Manhattan at the end of the season 1. A true Building Beaverz celebration! We will use part of the 10% community fund on the UBC and its winners and will hold votes on how and on what to spend it. In other words, you get to decide what you win at the end of season 1. During the UBC awards we will also unveil the roadmap for season 2. You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates.

We plan on taking the enhanced gamified experience of Building Beaverz and extending it far beyond the mint, far beyond season 1, and well into the metaverse. We have an entire ecosystem in the making, artists working on 3-D models and plan on buying land in Sandbox. So hold on to your logs you beautiful beaverz, because season 1 is just tip of the beaver dam…