Chris Chris 02.03.2022

Holders can Create their Own NFT and We will Take care of Sponsoring and Launching — Creator's Interview

This time around we are talking to Giovanny Cubillos CTO, he has experience in developing smart contracts and creating projects with blockchain for more than 4 years.

Chris: BoredFood Club NFTs represent the apes. What is the whole idea behind the token? Why the name Bored Food Club?

Giovanny: We do not currently have a token; we are an independent project 100% free of whale investors. objectives are to deliver a 100% useful project to the community, which integrates collectors with the metaverse and makes them have a true experience in it. the name Bored Food Club, was thinking about the food of the apes and creating a community that is also exclusive but for ordinary people. We are a club that will support its members in the development, implementation, launch and deployment of their NFT projects

Chris: The team has picked the Solana blockchain that is faster and cheaper compared to Ethereum. Why did you specifically pick out this blockchain for your 3333 NFTs?

Giovanny: We chose Solana because it is the blockchain that offers faster and more efficient scalability than other blockchains. We see the trend of new collectors and has more reach of ordinary people.

Chris: The starting price for each NFT will be 3 SOL? Do you plan to have a bidding process for theBoredFood Club NFTs? 

Giovanny: The initial price is in the pre-sale of 1 sol on March 1, which will be minted from the project page and then we will be in SOLSEA with a price of 2 sol as floor price.

Chris: Subsequently, what will be the process of bidding? How can investors buy theBoredFood Club NFTs?

Giovanny: The bidding process will be directly in the Solsea Market Place. There any person can buy our NFT, later we will open another market place when the collection has reached its highest level of sales. Our goal is to create a large and stable community that follows us on social networks, and helps us choose the best options for the project through damage and voting.

Chris: In the same way, is there a way to be a part of theBoredFood Club? What are the benefits of joining the Club?

Giovanny: The way to belong is to follow us on social networks, and buy our BFCs. These people can receive support for the creation of their nft projects through our NFT project incubator, we will take care of sponsoring, creating, designing, and launching the most viable projects. In the metaverse we will buy land and there we will deliver experiences to the community and train them throughout the metaverse and NFT world

Chris: You also speak of some innovative projects. What are some of the important projects you want to bring forth after theBoredFood Club NFTs?

Giovanny: The NFT project incubator is one of the innovative projects, through it the largest projects in the world NFT, play to earn, and metaverse will be created. Another of the ideas that we want to develop is an NFT academy, where we will teach users to develop useful NFT projects, step by step. For our Road map 2.0 we are thinking of designing new collections that help BFCs integrate into the metaverse. We have the blockchain developers and the experience to achieve the best end user experience

Chris: TheBoredFood Club NFT also supports a charitable initiative. Please share more about it here.

Giovanny: We have a corporate name, but it will be the BFC collectors who will choose by vote which NGO we are going to support. We are a project that thinks and believes that the community is the one that should choose the path of a project.

Chris: Before closing, please share more about your plans. What more can we expect fromBoredFood Club NFT?

Giovanny: The BFC community could benefit from some drops for being part of it. We will give them exclusivity in the scope of the entire project, they can expect from us the development of new collections that are related to BFC. Our Website, Twitter & Telegram is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.