Chris Chris 03.03.2022

Pet Paws NFTs represent Artwork, and One of the largest Ranges of Unique artwork in NFT format — Founder's Interview

Derick Smith - core team member, advisor of Pet Paws NFT.

Derick started as a software engineer in the mid-1980s, working across a wide range of disciplines and technologies. His early ventures include one of the first point of sale solutions using cellular technology, wholesale telecoms and Mobile Virtual Network Operator implementations. He also built companies in manufacturing, commodities, and mining, retaining a portfolio of mining interests with his long-time partner, Rakesh Rajagopal. Since 2016 his focus has been on building impactful ventures in the explosive blockchain ecosystem

Chris: Pet World is one of a kind Petcare facility opening shortly in Hong Kong. What is the concept of Pet World? 

Derick: Global Pet World is a Theme Park designed around the desired experiences of pet owners and their pets, with an emphasis on pet-inclusion in the multiple lifestyle experiences offered by the park, such as: 

• Hotel 

• Eating and Social spaces 

• Rides 

• Parks 

• Spa 

At no point will a pet owner be confronted with a “No Pets Allowed” notice. 

Chris: So, how does the NFT platform help in bringing the pet world services to the public? 

Derick: The NFT creates massive awareness with an opportunity to acquire membership of the Global Pets World experience, as well as an associated artwork, from a large array of unique artwork in the top 5 membership tiers (or non-unique in the lower two membership tiers). 

Memberships, being tied into the NFTs, are therefore tradeable on the secondary market. 

Chris: Furthermore, the services offered by Pet Paws are limited to Hongkong alone for now. What are your plans on expanding this to other countries? 

Derick: Although Kong Kong is the first location for Global Pets World, we are identifying sites around the world where there is a strong and growing market for pet facilities and products. The process of site identification, specific land acquisitions, planning and construction are quite time consuming, and therefore this is a multi-year plan. However, we are also launching Global Pets World in the Metaverse so that the more rapid digital development can reach more people and drive the brand into many more markets than we have capacity for. 

Chris: What are the benefits of owning Pet paws NFT? Is it just an artwork NFT? 

Derick: Pet Paws NFTs represent artwork, and one of the largest ranges of unique artwork in NFT format. Each also represents a membership of Global Pets World, with realizable benefits in the parks, e-commerce sites and the Metaverse. As such, each NFT has a growing range of value propositions that contribute to its tradeable market value. 

Chris: So, one buys membership plans through these NFTs. Are these memberships transferable? 

Derick: Yes, because the NFTs can be listed and sold on the Global Pets World marketplace as well as Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world. 

Chris: How are you pricing the NFTs? Do you have price categories? 

Derick: The NFTs are being priced according to the Global Pets World membership levels i.e. Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Paraiba, Sapphire, Aquamarine, and Garnet. 

Chris: What is the release date of Pet Paws NFT? How much is gas? 

Derick: Pet Paws are available to buy on Global Pets World, as well as on Opensea. Gas prices vary depending on the time of day and day of week. 

Chris: Finally, what are your plans for further expansion of Pet paws on the digital platform? 

Derick: Pet Paws is already fully digital, and the next phase of development is to create Metaverse experiences associated with the Global Pets World memberships. Our Website, Twitter & Discord is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.