Paramount Pictures Is Bringing Mean Girls to Web3

The largely-viewed fun American series Mean Girls by Paramount Pictures is tending to the web3, according to the recent tweet by licensed trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis. Thus, the media giant has recently filed for crypto-collectible trademarks, hinting at Mean Girls' Metaverse entry in the shortest possible terms.

The generation-significant comedy, starring former Disney actress Lindsay Lohan, is a cult in the US and beyond. Hardly one can name another that much quotable movie, which would have its own celebration day like a national Mean Girls Day on October 3rd.

Returning to web3 filings, Mike Kondoudis announced that Paramount Pictures filed for two trademark applications on September 7th, covering downloadable multimedia files containing artwork also referred to as NFTs, and downloadable virtual goods, including crypto-collectibles and NFTs. The application also references operations concerning crypto-collectibles like transferring and viewing.

Paramount Pictures are not the only franchise to go straight to web3 in recent days. On September 6th, the abovementioned trademark attorney came up with another piece of news. Thus, the mass media conglomerate Viacom International filed a similar trademark application for The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, aimed at expanding the brand's influence over the virtual realm.

While major brands, companies, and celebs like M&M's, Red Bull, and Billie Eilish, are gradually adopting their activities to the web3 needs, it's no surprise why Mean Girls are doing the same.

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