Chris Chris 09.02.2022

The first Benefits that Members will Access are lifetime Memberships to our Erotic Websites — Founder's Interview

Chris: “Welcome to the City of Pleasure”. Ok. You got my attention with your Nafty Angels. What impact do you think the adult film industry will have on the NFT space?

Nafty team: The adult industry is a multi billion dollar industry! Adult content creators around the world are expriencing huge losses due to copyright infringment and leaks of their content.

We strongly believe that the NFT tecnology will revolutionise the Adult industry! It is just a matter of time until content creators realise all benefits and start using NFTs to sell their content and protect their copyright and receive royalties.

Chris: Before we get into the intimate details, tell us a little bit about your team. What experience do they have that will add value to this project?

Nafty team: Our team consists of 40+. We have intensive experience in the adult industry as most of the team comes from the background of building technology for the adult industry such as membership websites, pay per view, tube sites, payment solutions, affiliate networks etc. We have combined our exprience to build one semless ecosystem for the adult industry. We have already a lot of our platforms in the ecosystem live and running: - Social Network + Fan site + Marketings tools + NFT compatability for selling content (Instagram + Onlyfans + Opeansea in one platform). Project is already in beta you can check it out to see yourself. - our own erotic NFT marketplace. - Our own API payment solution supporting reccuring crypto payments, which is vital for the adult industry. and - our own erotic membership websites - our own NFT collection our own Play & Earn game (coming soon) 

Chris: It looks like you plan to bukkake the community with utilities. There is so much on offer. What are some of the first benefits that members will access? What’s the timeline for the private clubs and events?

Nafty team: The first benefits that members will access are liftime memberships to our erotic websites such as and

Private events are scheduled right after the public sale. 

Also, the development of our play & earn game will start as soon as the collection is sold out!

Chris: We all like pleasure – even more when it gets us paid. You say the Nafty Angel can generate the owner passive income by working as a strip dancer? Elaborate please. How does this work?

Nafty team: This is part of our NaftyVerse play&earn game. Owning a Nafty Angel NFT will enable you to take part in the game. You can choose where to stake your NFT and earn passive nafty token rewards. For example, in the NaftyVerse there will be proprties such as Strip Club, Webcam Studio and Movie production. You login with your wallet in the game, we identify that you have Nafty Angel NFT and you can stake it for example in the Strip Club. It will bring you passive nafty token awards each hour it's "working" in the Strip Club. After its working, it will get tired. You need to put it to rest or take it to the spa. In additio, you can upgrade your NFT by placing it in the beauty saloon or dancing studio or photostudio to increase the passive income it generates.

Chris: What’s the timeline for the and erotic sites? When do you estimate this launch will take place, and what's in it for the community members?

Nafty team: They went live already over half a year ago and have over 500,000 registered users :). You can check them yourselves. 

Chris: As we understand, Nafty Angel is more than just an NFT – she is an AI. What can she do now? And what are your plans for her in the future?

Nafty team: Our plans is to use AI technology to enable owners to communicate with their NFTs and make their most intimate wihshes come true. 

Chris: The first launch will be February 28; how many NFTs will be sold and what is the cost? I also want to know how to get on the whitelist, and the minting process?

Nafty team: We are planning 3 phases of the sale

- Private Sale for all loyal nafty token holders (holding over few million nafty tokens in their wallet) - Price 0.1 ETH

-Private Whitelist sale - for all projects supports & members who help us grow our community - Price 0.15 ETH

- Public sale - 0.2 ETH

Dates are TBC.

Chris: Tell us where we can follow you to stay in the loop with your latest news.

Nafty team: You can join our discord and follow our official website for latest updates.