Kenzo Gives Away 100 NFTs to Celebrate the Boke Flower Collection by NIGO

Shortly after his first debut show made a splash, NIGO, the newly appointed artistic director of Kenzo, is launching the first limited-edition Fall/Winter 2022 capsule for the fashion house.

Each piece in the streetwear collection is seeped through with the recognizable artsy NIGO's touch. Exquisite charm and elegance miraculously coexist with comfort and wearability inherent in each piece of the KENZO Boke Flower Collection.

The key feature celebrating the new capsule's launch is a boke, a Japanese flower, which adorns two five-piece unisex wardrobes by Kenzo. The collection was launched in February, not in vain. The official date was chosen to match the time when bokes bloom. These delicate blood-red flowers signal the forthcoming spring season and hold rich meaning for NIGO, reminding him of Kenzo Takada, KENZO's eponymous founder. By the way, the red imprint of the boke was also rethought by NIGO into the new Kenzo logo.

Coats and jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts, cardigans, skirts, and trousers, all kept in one genuine style, are available in selected Kenzo boutique stores of megapolises.

But these are not all surprises surrounding NIGO's collection. To celebrate the new artistic director's appointment, as well as his debut capsule, Kenzo drops 100 1:1 NFTs for the brand's friends and family in a giveaway format. It’s worth noting that prior purchase of KENZO Boke Flower Collection is required. 

Though the giveaway is limited to only 100 NFTs, you can still try minting one through the brand's website.

Good luck!