Chris Chris 08.02.2022

We Want to Build a Tribe of Like Minded People that Will Help Mother Earth thrive — Founder's Interview

We are joined by Ilana Borshtin — Founder of Mother Earth NFT, digital marketer and entrepreneur. Mother to 2 kids living in Sydney Australia. Have established many businesses in the past. Devoted to the successes of the NFT project as Mother Earth is urging or a call to action.

Chris: Mother Earth NFTs are artwork NFTs. What inspired you to develop this NFT? What was the idea behind this artwork?

Ilana: Each Mother Earth NFT is a uniquely designed and crafted piece of artwork. Your generated art piece will be a feminine representation of the divine 'Mother Earth'.

Each Mother Earth NFT is special in its own uniqueness and form. Our planet, to many, is a mother, and we, her children. She has many names - Gaia, Tellus, Rhea, and Mother Earth. We are dependent on Mother Earth throughout our lives. She provides our food, water, the air we breathe, and the beauty that inspires us to thrive. The whole planet is like a giant living cell whose parts are all linked in symbiosis. As such, we all must live in a way that a future will be possible for our children and our grandchildren.

Chris: Mother Earth is clearly urging a call to action.

Ilana: Nature is suffering. Oceans filling with plastic and turning more acidic. Extreme heat, extreme cold, wildfires and floods, as well as a record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season, have affected millions of people. Now we face a worldwide health pandemic linked to the health of our ecosystem. Ecosystems support all life on Earth. The healthier our ecosystems are, the healthier the planet - and its people. Restoring our damaged ecosystems will help to end poverty and prevent mass animal extinction. The Mother Earth NFT Ecosystem Restoration will help us stop, halt, and reverse the degradation of ecosystems.

Now it’s time for us to give back to Mother Earth and the human race.  We want to make a change together for our children’s future. We want to build a tribe of like minded people  that will help Mother Earth thrive.

Our team consist of diverse people from different backgrounds. Digital marketing, computer programming, art and strategy. We are all entrepreneurs that want to make the world a better place to live in for generations to come, we all understand that change is required and together we can make the difference. Each person on our team bring their own expertise and life experience to the table and together we work harmoniously to execute this project successfully

Chris: How many Mother Earth NFTs do you plan to release?

Ilana: 12,345

Chris: What are the different features of the NFT? How does one tell the rare ones from the other NFTs?

Ilana: Each Mother Earth NFT is a uniquely designed and crafted piece of artwork. Your generated art piece will be a feminine representation of the divine 'Mother Earth'. There are over 280 hand drawn traits that make up each Gaia-inspired image. Her hair, hairpiece, skin colour, eyes, clothes, and other accessories link together to create an image of a beautiful divine feminine figure. Some of the traits are rare, just as some people have rare traits but all are equal in the eyes of the Universe.

Chris: Furthermore, what would be the cost of one Mother Earth NFT? Would the rare ones be priced at a premium?

Ilana: 180 Polygon Matic

Chris: Additionally, what is the minting process of the NFT? Is there a minting limit per user?

Ilana: Is there a minting limit per user? 90 NFTs

The minting done through our website basically a click of a button

Chris: How much of the cost is charged as gas? Does Polygon blockchain have a lower gas compared to Ethereum?

Ilana: MATIC Gas Fees Remain Low at $0.1-0.5. With the piling gas fees of Ethereum, developers have been looking for an alternative that allows them to scale with the least amount of cost and in a faster time frame

Polygon's history means it already has better integration than most other Layer 2 blockchains. Like other Layer 2's Polygon is a low energy blockchain and brags of being over 99.99% more carbon efficient than Ethereum

Chris: By investing in Mother Earth tokens, the investor is giving back to nature. How does that work? Do you have any charitable initiatives dedicated to the conservation of nature?

Ilana: When 25% of the Mother Earth NFTs sell

We'll Donate $5,000 ALPS for equipment needed for animal conservation in Sumatra

ALPS- Care for Animals Sumatra

We will also distribute $1,000 each to five lucky Mother Earth NFT holders based on random selection totaling to $5,000.

When 50% of the Mother Earth NFTs sell

We'll donate $7,500 to ridding the oceans of plastic

The Ocean Cleanup

We'll donate $7,500 to Wires which is an Australian organisation that helps sick and injured Australian wildlife recover and release them back to the wild.

WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation

$15,000 giveaway

We will also distribute $3,000 each to five lucky Mother Earth NFT holders based on random selection totaling to $15,000.

When 75% of the Mother Earth NFTs sell

We'll donate $5,000 to Australian Wildlife Society an organisation that educates the public as well as conserving Australia’s Wildlife. 


We will donate $5,000 to the mother earth project NGO that aims to create activate sustainable communities by engaging schools and universities worldwide

Mother Earth Project™

We’ll set up a $25,000 community charity chest that will be voted on which charities should the money be donated to. We are thinking of donating to 2-4 different charities which are set up to help the planet. Community members will be able to list and vote on different charities to donate the money to.

$35,000 giveaway

Giveaway for 3 holders that mint the rarest Mother Earth NFT will each receive $5000. Anyone who owns 3 or more Mother Earth NFT Rare Mother Earth NFT will be entered to win $20,000

When 95% of the Mother Earth NFTs sell

We'll give a bonus to the Artist, Programmer and the rest of the team for helping make this project happen.

When 100% of the Mother Earth NFTs sell out

We'll all go and hug a tree and thank Mother Earth for letting us live on her and we hope you can join us as part of our community of Mother Earth NFT holders.

We will find farmland to purchase to begin our quest.  We will convert this land into a thriving island of biodiversity. While changing the land for the better with carbon offset solutions we will record the best methods and share with the community. Our carbon offset solution will be aligned with the values and support of our community members.   We will engage in activities that either prevents the release of, reduces, or removes GHG emissions from the atmosphere.

In addition, we will  grow organic vegetables which will be distributed amongst people in need. The land will comprise of zero-wastage and plastic-free policies.

We want to create not only a NFT culture that cares for Mother Earth but a safe haven for like-minded people to become a part of. We want to create a Karma Culture. A tangible place where those people invested in our ethos can come, meet and make a difference.

We aim to meet twice a year on our little slice of Eden. Where we can make friends, enjoy, work the land and bring a holistic approach to improving the land and rejuvenating our souls.

By using permaculture and modern methods of managing the land, we hope to revitalise and improve it for generations to come.

10 Lucky Mother Earth NFT holders will be invited to our all-inclusive retreat free of charge.

People empowerment

By Creating a community of people who are a network, not a place. Joining together permaculture enthusiasts, mentors, teachers and students to facilitate peer-to-peer learning we will empower individuals to create ecocentric solutions for better living on Mother Earth.  Members of the community will have the opportunity to be fully involved in all stages of the restoration of the land.

To maintain a true connection to you, as a Mother Earth NFT owner, we will be running a YouTube channel to vlog and document the progress of the project and how we are restoring and improving the land. We will be interviewing experts and holding talks about how we can work together to put back what has been lost and enrich our soil for future generations.

We will also give out the latest Tesla Model S to one lucky NFT owner based on their support to the cause.

Chris: Finally, where does one go to get the latest updates on Mother Earth? What are the most common channels of communication with your potential investors?

Ilana: You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates