Chris Chris 08.02.2022

We are Regularly Doing some Drops to Those who Help us Build this Community — Creator's Interview

Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with Daniel Dalen, co-founder, serial-entrepreneur in Web2 and Web3. Dan previously been involved building a layer solution on the binance smart chain interacting with different liquidity pools automating things such as gas fees and slippage based on buying pressure and is currently the founder of the gnomies and is behind the designs, storytelling and branding. Dan is from the Netherland but grew up partly in Asian currently based in Hong Kong and speaks fluent Chinese

Chris: The gnomes club looks like a happy place to be. Why did you want to create a Gnomes NFT in particular?

Daniel: It’s inspired by my dad’s and my personal career path. My dad used to draw gnomes for European retailers and went to visit factories in China to help the factory workers clay the gnomes. This was the first time I went to China which has had such a big influence on my career path. Other than that, I personally believe everyone can create their own luck. As an entrepreneur traveling the world, everyone always thinks I’m lucky, but I’ve actually made all of this happen by working as hard as I can.

Chris: You are designing a space in the Web3 platform. How do you empower future generations through the NFT?

Daniel: We want to leverage the generational and linguistic advantage and find talent within the space to incubate and accelerate the growth in the Web3. We want to build a community behind this vision with the artwork resonating with the vision—creating your own luck.

Chris: The Gnomes have different traits and rarities defined on your website. How can I get my hands at one of these gnomes? Is it possible to pick the special ones?

Daniel: Indeed! Our goal behind the Gnomies is to not only have real-world utility for holders but to also have amazing art to back it up. The team behind the Gnomies have been working tirelessly to put together a very unique set of 180+ custom and adaptive traits which will be revealed a few days after the minting event. How lucky will you be?

Chris: Furthermore, how many gnomes will be up for sale in the public sale? Will you also have a presale for the whitelisted community?

Daniel: Talking numbers, we have reserved 3,000 whitelist spots, and each spots can mint 2 gnomesThe rest of the gnomes will be available to the public! For all the info you can check out our whitepaper.

Chris: How have you priced the Gnomes? Are they differently priced based on their supply scarcities?

Daniel: We decided to price them all at 0.0777 ETH. We think that’s a fair entry point to our community, and represent the lucky 7!

Chris: Speaking of luck, are you having any special airdrops or giveaways?

Daniel: We are regularly doing some drops to those who help us build this community - but the real drops will start once we launch the project and will be way more fun than ETH or Playstation. You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates.

Chris: Similarly, what are the benefits of being a Gnome NFT owner? What else can I do with my Gnome?

Daniel: By holding a Gnomie, you have an exclusive opportunity to help grow webs and benefit by doing so, all of it through amazing art. With every interaction, you show the world that you support Web3. We can’t reveal too much before launch, but as a gnomie holder, you will be able to find everything you need to start your project on Web3, and profit from all gnomes holders starting theirs. Check out our White Paper!