Chris Chris 06.02.2022

Early Access Ships will Grant players Access to Cryptopia before Anyone Else — Founder's Interview

Chris: Cryptopia… Sounds like the future. What inspired this project and what is your vision?

Cryptopia team: Throughout his career as a developer, Frank absolutely loved creating games as well as blockchain applications. He often wondered why blockchain can’t be as fun and easy as playing games. That’s when he envisioned a metaverse that’s as easy and fun to use as your favorite game. 

Chris: We know the founder has more than 12 years of experience in developing software. Who are the other key members of your team, and what are their backgrounds?

Cryptopia team: Hansco - As a founder, Hansco helped to shape the overall vision of Cryptopia. His business expertise is what keeps our partnerships running smoothly.

Sangho - CEO, He has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and full stack developer, as well as a teacher and trainer. He also brings over 30 years of gaming experience as an avid gamer.

Toine - As a full-stack web developer, Toine oversees all aspects of

Ami - CMO, Marketer, brandbuilder, entrepreneur. Ami has helped numerous startups enter the public eye with a bang.

Jon - Community and social manager

Oğuz - Graphics design and 3D modeling

Erik - Responsible for the commercial aspects of Cryptopia

Mateo - Concept artist

Maarten - Legal

Chris: You say that “P2E is as easy as browsing the web”…Tell us what you mean by that and how it relates to Cryptopia.

Cryptopia team: Cryptopia is an actual crypto wallet, and it doesn't rely on external software such as Metamask. This allows us to abstract all the blockchain difficulties away from players, which in turn will make the game accessible to non-crypto savvy players as well.

It’s almost as easy as playing tic-tac-toe (but much more fun!) while still providing the security and transparency of blockchain technology.

Chris: Please elaborate on the perks that come with early access? How will I use the land and special edition ship in the larger context of the game?

Cryptopia team: Early access ships will grant players access to Cryptopia before anyone else. This will not only allow Cryptopians to explore and strategize together before a massive inrush of players, but claim tiles as well. Once claimed, tiles can be developed on, mined for resources, sold, or held on to (which increases the reach of your faction’s zone.) In addition to giving early access to Cryptopia, these ships also have enhanced stats. Of course, they are limited edition and quite slick looking, as well.

Chris: Who is Cryptopia for, and what kind of community are you aiming to create? In other words, how do I know that Cryptopia is right for me?

Cryptopia team: Cryptopia is a fun game to play! If you’re a gamer, Cryptopia is for you. Our team includes writers, animators, and experienced developers with a massive amount of experience and an excellent track record.

It is easy to create an account and play! If you’re new to crypto, Cryptopia is for you. It’s safe, secure, and simple. Cryptopia offers all of the benefits of blockchain technology without any of the confusion or uncertainty.

Cryptopia runs on cool technology! If you’re crypto-savvy, Cryptopia is for you. We bridge multiple blockchains for maximum liquidity while keeping the fees low, and the transaction speed high.

Chris: We see that you have some big partners in the gaming space too. Nice. Who are some of the big names backing this project?

Cryptopia team: Daxio - Gaming and entertainment platform offering games of skill that reward you for being good!

Avalanche - The fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality.

Chris: So how can I become part of this community? The drop started January 28 and will end on the 4th of February, correct? How many NFTs are being sold during this drop and is there a whitelist? Also, please tell us about the minting process.

Cryptopia team: There are 10,000 early access ships available, and anyone can still mint them at It’s very easy to mint directly from your browser. Support is available on Discord or any of our social media channels.

Chris: Awesome. I am really pumped up for this project. Which platforms do you share the latest news on Cryptopia? Where should we follow you?

Cryptopia team: We are active on DiscordTwitterFacebook, and YouTube! You can also subscribe to our newsletter at or send us an email directly at [email protected]