Chris Chris 04.02.2022

Each Master Key/Gold Key Holder will Be an Executive Member of the Club — Founder's Interview

Chris: The SolClub community is based on exclusivity. In a few words, describe the characteristics of a typical member? Which person would fit perfectly into SolClub?

Solclub team: Solclub is the foundation to build the most comprehensive Metaverse on Solana blockchain. The vision of Solclub is to build the infrastructure for a true immersive experience in the digital world transcending the limits of physical borders and societal boundaries.

We are redefining human connections and interaction.

So a person who believes in our vision and wants to take part and the ownership of this dream of progress and prosperity is a perfect fit for Solclub.

Chris: Who are the creators and founders of the project? What are their backgrounds and experiences?

Solclub team: Our team is totally doxxed and verified by Civic Identity.We have a very experienced team in the field of IT, blockchain, design and art. We have some of the best Unreal Engine developers working tirelessly on developing a true immersive experience in the Solclub Metaverse.

Chris: The next drop will be 7 – 13 Feb, correct? How many NFTs will be launched and will there be a whitelist? Tell us a bit more about the cost too.

Solclub team: Yes final date will be announced in a few days but hopefully it won't be late than 13 feb. There are a total 2200 Nfts however we have done a presale already and only 1700 NFTs are left. People will be able to mint our NFT for 1.5 Sol.

Chris: Are there any traits or levels to the NFTs? What benefits come with each?

Solclub team: There are 22 Master Sol Keys (Our NFT) among the 2222. The Remaining 2200 Solkeys are Classic and have the same trait. Gold key holders will be our executive members. Each gold member will be given an executive office. Please check out a First  look at our offices here Youtube link.

Chris: How about the 22 master keys for the executive members? What is that about, and how do I get one of those keys?

Solclub team: As explained in the previous question there will be 22 Master keys. People will be able to mint these randomly. Each Master key/Gold key holder will be an executive member of the club. They will be given an Office in our huge Solclub building. These executive members will work directly with the Solclub team.

Chris: We understand that one of your missions is to maximize your members' return on their investments… How do you plan to achieve that?

Solclub team: At Solclub, our 2222 members would be the nucleolus of our metaverse. Being a DAO, Solclub members will be the collective owner of the whole metaverse we are going to build. Each of our members will be given “Sol Villa”, a residential neighborhood in the Solverse, at no cost. Remaining SolVillas (6666) will be sold to the public for 3 sol.Solclub members will also be given the opportunity to own Solshops, in the shopping mall of the Solclub building. These shops will be rented out to IRL brands. Solshop owners will earn the rental from these shops. Solclub is focused to enable a comprehensive eco system on Solana Blockchain. To enable all its activities within the metaverse we will set up a growth based economic system. We will introduce our own Token to enable all economic activities. (For example buying a concert ticket in our concert hall or buying from IRL brands in our Solshop) All Solclub members will be airdropped $Club token.

Chris: What is SolClub shopping mall & Solshops?

Solclub team: We will have a Sol shopping mall in a Solclub STAR shape building. There will be 100 shops in that shopping mall. We will be bringing real life brands in these shops. Solshops will be offered only to Solclub members. These shops could be rented out to IRL brands and users will be able to buy IRL brands

Chris: You have nearly 12k members on Discord. What are the SolClub platforms to watch for all the updates?

Solclub team: You can check out our Twitter and Instagram other than our discord for all the updates.