Chris Chris 04.02.2022

Every Holder will Receive 50% From all the Profit Generated by His NFTs β€” Founder's Interview

Chris: Your legendary skulls look amazing! Obviously you have a deep artistic background. Tell us a bit more about the creators and founders of the project.

Legendary Skulls team: Thank you for the compliment. We are very proud of the skulls, and it's been a pleasure to create them. As you can see, they are very intricate and detailed, which is something that is appreciated by our community.

We wanted to create something that was unique to each skull, so they are all different in their design with variations for the character, background, type, color, and material.

As for the founders, we are two graphic designers and web developers who are passionate about design.

Chris: Elrond is a unique way to go. Why did you decide to use this blockchain, and what does this mean for the community?

Legendary Skulls team: Well, first, we decided to go with Elrond because the community was all the time very close to the project and to its development. Second, we are using Elrond because of the security, stability, and speed of the blockchain. And third, it is a project from our country. It is an amazing company; it is very loved here and we want to contribute with something to the growth of this ecosystem.

The NFT space on Elrond is still in the early stage, and this gives many opportunities to our community, and, from my point of view, Trust Market is now where it was Opensea in 2017. This is giving us and the community the opportunity to come up with new projects which can be adopted in their first phases.

Chris: So how many NFTs will be sold from 30 January to 6 February? What is the cost of each NFT and tell us about the minting process.

Legendary Skulls team: I’m glad you asked. The first 600 NFTs can be minted for 0.6 EGLD and the other 1200 for 0.8 EGLD. From our projections, we expect to have 1200 sold till 6 February. The minting process is quite easy. It can be done on Trust Market. We have all the information on our communication channels.

Chris: Are all the NFTs equal or there are different levels and types? Are there any perks associated with each type?

Legendary Skulls team: Our skulls are different in terms of the character, background, type, color, and material. The rarity is determined by the type that you own as well as how many others own it. We tried to make them very diverse, and we have some which don’t have anything in common with others having the only attribute just the name.

Chris: There is one aspect of this project that I really liked – 70% of royalties will be distributed to the community members? What influenced this decision and how will the distribution work?

Legendary Skulls team: I am glad you liked this concept, and it's something we are really excited about. We believe that the success of this project will only be possible if we empower our community members. The idea is to have the community decide how to distribute the money, with options being donations to charities, prizes for the holders, or staking them. Our aim is to create a positive feedback loop where everyone who holds our NFTs is rewarded - either through direct or indirect incentives.

We are currently working through the logistics of this process and will have more information soon.

Chris: What other utilities can Legendary Skulls members expect?

Legendary Skulls team: One of our goals is to create an important passive income for the holders. We will create the Legendary Skulls brand and we will create a Shopify store where we will sell through a POD (print on demand) system t-shirts and mugs all over the world with all the NFTs from the collection. Every holder will receive 50% from all the profit generated by his NFTs. We will create a pool with 150 EGLD to be invested in marketing (SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Ads) to create income. Also, we have a few surprises which will be revealed in the Q2 and Q3 of this year.

Chris: And the long term goals? Where do you see yourselves in the next three years?

Legendary Skulls team: We always look ahead and evaluate our goals. Our main goal is to make Legendary Skulls one of the largest projects in the Elrond NFT space and to make our holders proud to be part of this project. We also have a lot of ambitious projects ahead of us and we are working hard to give our users the best experience. We hope to be able to give back to the community even more in the coming years as we grow.

Chris: Tell us where we can keep updated with your news?

Legendary Skulls team: Thanks for the question! We are very active on our social media channels, so be sure you follow us on