Musician John Legend Takes up a Role in the OurSong NFT Platform

The Grammy-holding singer and songwriter John Legend is one of the most NFT-forwarded American celebs. Legend's first-ever NFT endeavor dates back to May 2021, when he became the partner of the ”OneOf" NFT platform.

Now, John Legend is doing all his best to strengthen his position on the non-fungible arena, while helping to launch a contemporary NFT portal for musicians and entertainers named OurSong.

The new platform promises to be an award-winning option for both artists and their fans. While the first ones acquire a reliable portal to capitalize from selling their music and other arts as NFT, the latter can collect desired tokens as well as access to the new tracks, before they are even released.

"Everyone can now turn stories, music, photography, and any kind of art into NFT trading cards called Vibes," the platform states. "Vibes allow you to unlock exclusive updates and access private chat communities where you can meet like-minded others."

John Legend's role within the OurSong platform sounds like Chief Impact Officer. Working for the NFT project, the musician will be involved in expanding the platform's base with cool artists and their drops as well as new fans. 

“When I think about what I want to do, I try to get involved with projects that I think will make the world more connected,” explained John Legend. in an interview.

Even though the project is new, it has already managed to draw some influential big names such as a co-founder of digital music streaming service KKBOX, Chris Lin, who will serve as the new company’s CEO. Co-founder of the live video streaming platform Twitch, Kevin Lin, and founder of early-stage venture capital firm Cherubic Ventures, Matt Cheng. 

The most beneficial part about the platform is that users won't need crypto wallets. The project creates its own currency tokens to trade NFTs. "You can deposit OSD in OurSong by purchasing it with a credit card, debit card, wire payment, or USD Coin deposited in your wallet on Circle's blockchain," explains the OurSong service.

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