Chris Chris 05.02.2022

We Want to Invest our Money in Valuable Features Which will Make NFT user's life Easier — Creator's Interview

Chris: Tank wars have always been popular. How did you decide to introduce them to the NFT space? What inspired this idea?

Tank wars team: The motivation behind the development of the 90’s Tanks Tv game into the NFT space and metaverse comes because of very strong nostalgic feelings from our childhoods. I am still remembering that beautiful Sundays playing Tanks on our old TV with my father.

We will give you the same feeling but with amazing contemporary features in the metaverse.

Chris: Has the team been in the NFT space for long? Who are the key members and what do they bring to this project?

Tank wars team: We are NFT traders for more than one year, our experience and knowledge at all in that area comes bigger and bigger each day, so we just decide to point our mindset to make possible creation of additional value in the NFT space.

The daily job of most of our team members is Software engineers.

Chris: Who are the people behind TankWars?

Tank wars team: We have a very friendly and good team, namely




Chris: I know I have always enjoyed tank wars, but some people might feel differently. Obviously, the community is not only about tanks... So please tell us the people that should consider joining the community. Who is your target audience?

Tank wars team: The inspiration behind TankWars is the need to eradicate the notion of "GAMBLING" associated with NFT projects. That is why we have put so much love and time into creating a metaverse game with a Play-To-Update approach (p2u is an NFT game that allows players to increase the rarity and value of their NFTs.). This will enable our community members to enhance the rarity of their NFT assets by playing our game. Players are given control over tanks and the ability to possess and shoot projectiles to destroy enemies' tanks on the play-field. This dynamic will decrease the NFT gambling and help to boost the NFT trading to become more valuable. So, our target audience is all NFT players which already hate the terrible feeling which comes after the reveal process with a most common NFT asset.

Chris: TankWars promises to offer substantial value to all its holders across different avenues. Please elaborate. Give us a taste of these perks.

Tank wars team: At first, as I already explained, we will give an opportunity to our holders to increase the rarity and value of their tank NFT’s playing the TankWars game. This will break the rules and will provide a completely new area of investing in the NFT space. Also, we are planning to create an NFT data analyzing tool which will be called “NFT Detective”. The tool will scan the NFT world for incoming collections and will analyze different information flows: Twitter, Discord, Instagram, EtherScan, Opensea, Official Site/Minting site, etc. This information will be analyzed and will aggregate the rating/score numbers. Like a prediction for the future of the specific NFT project.

We believe that will bring additional value in the NFT space by putting red lights on potential scam projects and providing information about eventual blue chips in the very early phase. We will give exclusive access to the NFT Detective for all TankWars holders.

Chris: Outside the community you are also big on charity. Tell us a little more about your plans in this area. Are there specific initiatives that you are interested in?

Tank wars team: We are a big believer in giving back to society to tackle inequalities, so 10% of our secondary sales will be going to charity, and if we sold-out 10% of mint sales also will be going to charity. The initiatives will be decided by our community with special voting. We will make 20% of secondary sales back to the community in form of a game or something engaging as questionaries and giveaways.

Chris: Great. What are your long-term goals? Where do you see Tank Wars in 2-3 years?

Tank wars team: Our long-term goals are to bring more and more value to the NFT space at all. We want to invest our money in valuable features which will make NFT user's life easier. The task of TankWars is to point our path in the right direction because it is our first mission as part of one big journey. My personal dream is to see TankWars as the most playable game in the Metaverse after 2-3 years.

Chris: So the drop is on the 3rd of March… How many NFTs will be sold and what’s the cost? If I want to get on the whitelist, how do I go about it? I’m sure people will also be interested in the minting process.

Tank wars team: 8,888-pixel uniquely generated tanks should be sold. The cost will be 0.06eth on presale and 0.08eth on the public sale. All whitelist spots are 700, but this number can be increased if we face big interest. We have secured a whitelist spot for our current community members with more than 15 invites of real and active members. This is to show appreciation to our loyal community.

In addition, players that successfully attain the 15th level will be rewarded with a direct whitelist spot after a detailed inspection of their communication skills, and we will also increase the level by 1 for members who resolve our special tasks and games. Lastly, we have also secured a whitelist spot for our Twitter strategy “Like and Retweet” to grow our community. No GAMBLING games as marble, random number generation, etc. Active and positive members will be rewarded with whitelist spots respectively The minting process will be standard. We will release our mint site soon. Whitelisted members will have 3 spots. On public will be 10 spots per wallet. We also have a partnership program with special conditions for investors and business partners. 100 assets will be reserved for the team.

Chris: Where can people keep updated with the Tank Wars news?

Tank wars team: People can be updated on our Twitter and our Discord.

The minting site will be released soon.