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May 15, 2022 – May 22, 2022





TankWars is coming through with an explosive, fascinating, and fun NFT game community for all NFT game lovers. We are offering substantial value to all our holders across different avenues. By creating an avenue where they can get rewarded while having fun. This is to show our utmost appreciation to all our supports for believing in this project because without them there are no TankWars.

  • Timeline 8,888 TankWars minted is set to go public by the end of February 2022.
  • Giving back At TankWars we are a big believer in giving back to society to tackle inequalities, so 10% of our secondary sales will be going to charity.
  • Outreach To extend our reach and to further appreciate our OGs who have believed in us from the inception. We will be giving out free TankWars logo merchandise to all holders for the first two months. In addition, each holder can have 4 tanks or more tanks depending on how well they play. This is to ensure our players are satisfied which will, in turn, accelerate the growth of our community by catalyzing to spread the word, and introduce new members to the community.
  • Game Creation TankWars is a metaverse NFT game set in an interactive open world with all the Tank skins in the game as NFTs. This NFT game offers holders/players a dynamic experience. TankWars is advancing the gaming world beyond serving as a mere entertainment purpose but also serving as a legitimate source of income for our holders. Hence, helping to combat poverty around the world.

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