Gaming retailer giant GameStop Partners with Immutable X for a Gas-Free NFT Marketplace on Ethereum

One of the leading physical game retailers, GameStop, has recently announced the news concerning its NFT ambitions. Thus, the retailer teams up with Ethereum's leading NFT scaling platform Immutable X for the creation of a new NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. GameStop plans to apply Immutable X's groundbreaking technology for trading and minting the tokens. 

The new NFT trading platform will be focused on P2E non-fungible tokens that can be used within games. 

According to Immutable, the platform will be 100% carbon neutral, allowing gas-free transactions. Moreover, both Immutable and GameStop are planning a huge $100-million grant program on IMX tokens for NFT content creators and tech developers. It's also worth noting that the gaming giant will receive the rights to up to $150 million IMX tokens for a certain set of business accomplishments.

About a month ago GameStop caused waves in the community by announcing its intentions to hire over 20 new staff members, as well as noted two upcoming partnerships with blockchain firms for NFT game development without going into details.

Are you waiting for the new gas-free NFT marketplace on ETH by GameStop and Immutable X?