Chris Chris 08.02.2022

At the End of each Quarter, We will Take a Percentage of the Profits and Donate that to a Charity β€” Creator's Interview

This time around we are talking to Kegs, Founder/Creator of Wizard Creatures, Veteran and Student, NFT Enthusiast

Chris: Wizard creatures are artwork NFTs aiming to bring in more magic to the world. How do you do that?

Kegs: We really have a couple ways we want to bring magic into this world.

One is to take a portion of our profits from the project and donate to places that really make a difference in the world. For example, the first donation is going to go to Children’s Mercy Kansas City. The staff and volunteers there know how to bring magic to the children that are there, and we can help facilitate that in our own way. Each quarter we will be selecting as a community where we will donate next.

Secondly, is to let our community bring their ideas to the table and watch as we incorporate them into our future NFTs. As we are all exposed to movies, books and more about magic, we all have our own ideas. Why not put them in a NFT form?

Chris: What was your story behind the development of Wizard Creatures NFT?

Kegs: I first got into NFTs around the same time that the Alien Frens project were starting up and really “grew up” in that community. I saw the great things that they were doing, the great community, and wanted to do something that was inspired by that. My wife and I are huge magic type movie and show fans, so I thought why not bring the two concepts together! We know there is a lot more fans out there, so this is where decided to start out at.

Chris: The Wizard Creatures have peculiar and distinct features. How is each NFT unique from the other?

Kegs: Each of the 10,000 Wizard Creatures in our first collection have several different features that set each one apart. From the types of wands that each Creature could have, clothes and colors, hats and glasses! Tattoos were a must as well, everybody loves tattoos. We also have 4 very unique 1/1 NFTs within this collection that will be minted.

Chris: Interesting, do you also have a rarity chart for the rare tokens of the Wizard Creatures?

Kegs: We do have a rarity formula that was integrated within the creation of our collection. Right now, we are still working on making that formula into a rarity chart. That should be coming out soon after the project initially launches. Keep an eye out on those 1/1s!

Chris: How many tokens are set to release at the public sale? Do you also plan to have a presale?

Kegs: We will be releasing up to 9,700 Wizard Creatures on public sale date. The remaining 300 we are reserving for special giveaways within our community! We also do plan to have a presale the day before official public launch at 7PM CST on February 9th. This will be for the addresses on our WL.

Chris: What would be the expected price per token of Wizard World?

Kegs: Public mint for a Wizard Creature is going to be 0.04 ETH

Chris: Furthermore, how much would be gas fees? Do you also have a minting limit per investor?

Kegs: Gas fees as we all know on the Ethereum blockchain goes up and down during the day. That is why we have chosen our public mint to start at 9AM CST on February 10th when prices will start going down soon as the day enters mid to late morning. We do have a minting limit of 20 per wallet, and 5 per transaction

Chris: In the end, please share your roadmap for the future of Wizard World. What more do you plan to add to the wizarding world?

Kegs: Our roadmap is simple but open ended. After mint, we immediately plan on starting to invest the profits in staking for the collection. That includes the hiring process of a full-time Project Developer that specializes in staking, NFT specialists and more. This will take some time, but that is our initial plan. We also plan, in quarter two, to start planning with the community on what is next for Wizard Creatures. That could be special character NFTs, small collections, or whatever we feel like needs to be added to the Wizard World. And of course, our project is charity driven as well. At the end of each quarter, we will take a percentage of the profits and donate that to a charity. The first donation is going to go to Children’s Mercy of Kansas City. After that donation, the place of donation will be decided upon by the community as well.

We look forward to our future, and believe a lot of good will come out of this project! We believe in the magic that can happen!!

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