MoonPay Announced the 7M NFT Hunt throughout Universal Studios Parks in California and Orlando

The major crypto payment utilizer MoonPay is entering into a big-scale partnership with Universal Studios for the largest-ever NFT hunt in the entertainment giant's thematic parks. Thus, over seven million tokens will potentially be minted by visitors of both the California and Orlando parks as part of Halloween Horror Nights festivities.

The initiative is based on the proof-of-attendance (POAP) protocol, which comes as the best proof of the minter's physical presence at the particular place, date, and time. POAP NFTs allow more immersive and memorable experiences at the event. 

According to MoonPay, seven unique Halloween characters will be mintable through seven different QR codes hidden on-site. Thus, all attendees who will get into the quest and find all seven NFTs become eligible to receive the eighth token, which is a key to additional benefits.

What's more, is that you don't need to be a crypto nerd to set foot into the captivating NFT hunting challenge. All the technical aspects will be handled by MoonPay’s HyperMint platform, including creating and setting up a crypto wallet for the NFTs minted.

In addition to delivering exciting immersive experiences for Universal Studios’ park-goers, HyperMint pushes forward the web3, availing more people of the realm's skyrocketing benefits.

“Our collaboration with Universal marks a paradigm shift in how large enterprises go to market with new NFT collections. We’re showing the world just how easy HyperMint makes it to deploy NFTs from end-to-end and at scale. The fact that there are a record-breaking number of NFTs in this collection is icing on the cake,” HyperMint co-founder and General Manager, Semyon Germanovich, commented on the partnership.

While most clients still are unaware of web3 and don't want to change their habits, the POAP NFTs bring the consumer experience to a new level with more engagements and rewards. The Universal Studios x MoonPay partnership is likely to increase the fans' engagement with NFT ticketing and interactive events.

Once you are planning to attend Halloween Horror Nights in California or Orlando Universal park, you should definitely get into the scavenger NFT hunt and try your luck to win a well-deserved prize. Wishing you luck!