Chris Chris 20.09.2022

The Bitverse will Start with Three Games: a RPG, a Battle Royale, and an Endless Runner β€” Creator's Interview

How's everybody doing? This time around we are talking to Jorge Ezquerra — VP of Product on Bitverse NFT.

Chris: Let us get straight down to business. There are lots of games-related NFTs out there. How does Bitverse stand out?

Jorge: Bitverse is a unique project because it is a game universe. Instead of a one-off game, we are launching a series of games that players can use their NFTs on interchangeably. In addition, our Bit Heroes Quest game, which is the first game that you’ll be able to play with your NFTs on, is already an extremely popular game between web2 gamers, and it has been available since 2016. We are releasing 3 titles in 2022: Bit Heroes Quest, Bit Heroes Arena and Bit Heroes Runner.

In addition, we are part of Kongregate, a massive gaming platform and game publisher with hundreds of thousands of active users. 

Chris: What are the different benefits for the holders of the NFT? How can holders get all the benefits?

Jorge: Our NFTs are full of utility. For starters, they are unique 1/1 heroes that can be used across all of Bitverse’s games. That means players can have their identity stamped across all games and in-game progress will be captured and stored with your Bitverse Hero. If you ever sell or transfer your Bithero, the progress will be transferred with it.

In addition, NFT holders will have access to the Bitverse Season Pass, other exclusive events and game modes. Soon, we will also launch our in-game token, $BPXL, which will allow users to earn rewards from playing our games.

Certain rarity tiers also have additional benefits, such as earning the opt-in ad bonuses WITHOUT having to watch any ads, getting an NFT Pet that tags along with your character across all games, and discount bonus and $BXPL staking rewards!

Chris: What are the costs for the Bitverse NFT? Is there a WL? How can I mint one? 

Jorge: We have different tiers of rarity, each with its own pricing. During the presale Common Portal NFTs cost $99 each, Rare Portal NFTs are $349, Epic Portal cost $649 and our Legendary Portal NFTs will be priced at $1,199. 

The Allowlist (AKA: whitelist) is closed, but minting takes place on Sept. 22nd and any user will be able to mint an NFT on our public sale on the 23rd. You will be able to do that through our website.

Chris: It’s always fun to be a part of an excited community. Do you have an active community? What makes the Bitverse community unique and exciting?

Jorge: Our community is extremely exciting, lively, and active. We’ve been able to foster a community for several years, since our Bit Heroes Quest game has been around for a while. If you join our Discord, you’ll be welcomed by a diverse community of gamers who are passionate about Bitverse. You can also chat in several languages, as our players come from all over the world. 

Another cool aspect of our community is that we allow users to segment themselves into their different interests within our project. We have a web3-centered section of it that almost functions like its own community!

Chris: What are your ideas for the future of the project? What are some of the highlights of your roadmap?

Jorge: Our roadmap is full of exciting benchmarks — it’s almost impossible to pick a couple of things to highlight! If I had to mention one thing, I have to go with the upcoming token and rewards. We are aware that the web3 community is interested in projects with potential to pay off the cost of the NFTs and profit, so in addition to the incredibly exciting games, we are making in-game token rewards a priority. 

We are also going to be launching more games, such as Bit Heroes Arena, Bit Heroes Runner, Bit Heroes CCG, and Bit Heroes Battlefield. 

You can check out our whitepaper for more information.

Chris: Why should someone who is not familiar with Bitverse make the investment of minting an NFT? What’s the path to the collection increasing in value over time?

Jorge: We believe Bitverse has so much potential because of three things: Its already passionate and sizable playerbase, the possibility of inter-game progress and brand identity, and the upcoming in-game token rewards. 

In addition, the possibility of selling or buying game characters with their current stats and progress creates a great market opportunity. Trading game characters is already a major source of revenue for players in both web2 and web3 games, and we think our active community will help the marketplace for these NFTs boom through the next few months. 

Chris: What else would you like our readers to know about your project? 

Jorge: In summary, here are the big takeaways we hope readers take from our project: 

  • Bitverse Heroes (NFTs) are playable in all Bitverse titles.

  • Progress will carry with the Heroes (NFTs) to all the Bitverse titles.

  • Kongregate, with more than 16 years of experience, is behind this project.

  • Fully funded project. 

  • 3 games have been confirmed for 2022, and 4 more are coming next year.

Our presale is on 9/22 and open public sale on 9/23.