Celebrate the International NFT Day with NFT Calendar

On September 20th, five years ago sharp, the term NFT or non-fungible token was officially mentioned by Dapper Labs Chief Technology Officer Dieter Shirley for the first time ever. Thus, this day is widely recognized as the birthday of non-fungible tokens and the International NFT Day.

Actually, long before the term, NFT was invented, the first asset of a kind, which can be considered as a non-fungible token named Quantum, was minted on the Namecoin Bitcoin fork. This happened back in 2014, eight years ago, when blockchain was only starting to capture the attention of the global community.

Since then, NFTs have gone a long way to become an overwhelming cultural phenomenon and an industry of their own. Currently, more and more major fashion, sports, art, and other industry players, as well as renowned influencers, celebrities, and ordinary people, release their bountiful NFT collections.

Today we celebrate the powerful force of NFT ownership and its great influence on both the real-life and digital worlds. The International NFT day is also a perfect time to learn more about web3 and go non-fungible with your own collection.

NFTs have long proved to be far more than just JPGs on the blockchain. Major web3 communities and NGOs utilize them in multiple charities, for example, aiding Ukrainian people who suffered from the russian criminal Warmachine.

NFT are a phenomenon that never stops evolving to deliver even more benefits to both creators and collectors. Celebrate the International NFT Day with NFT Calendar, and don't forget to greet your pals throughout our big, friendly community!