Chris Chris 19.09.2022

One Lucky Holder Will Win 1 Bitcoin and 1/1 rare NFT — Founder's Interview

Mondie Tripletonz NFT collection is an NFT project that promises to bring innovative ways to create connection and a shared mindset amongst humans for the ultimate goal of living to humanity’s fullest potential in both the Metaverse and the Physical World. 

Chris: We would like to know more about the story and inspiration behind the creation of the Tripletonz Collection.

The Triplets: The artwork of the NFTs takes inspiration from our real-life experiences of being a pair of triplets. We understood our uniqueness of being born together and decided to portray both this unparalleled earthly identity (being triplets) and the Metaverse identity (Tripletonz NFT collection) which aims to unleash undiscovered ways to live and create for us and the community.

Chris: How would you describe your artwork and what should we expect?

The Triplets: Our Collection consists of 10.000 NFTs. The project is very creative and authentic and it features three personages on each NFT, which mirrors our life as triplets. The characters are hand-drawn by us to make the NFTs more original and highly regarded. We decided that the NFTs should also resemble traits inspired by pop culture, industry giants, movie series, real life, and celebrities. Specific artwork includes traits of prominent brands such as McDonald’s and Apple or TV series such as Supernatural and Lord of the Rings.

Chris: The whitelisted members are allowed to participate in the presale. When is the presale?

The Triplets: To get Whitelisted one has join our Discord Server, to follow us on Twitter and Subscribe to our Youtube channel

We will reward the most active community members with 300 pre-sale spots for 0.05 ETH. For more information regarding the Allowlist and Pre-sale, please constantly check updates on our discord and Twitter.

Chris: What makes your project unique amongst the many NFT collections out there and what is important for us to know about the Roadmap?

The Triplets: The project’s goal is to be the first project to implement “Collective Creative Power” on the NFT Blockchain. Holders will be granted exclusive access to take part in the “Collective Creative Power” which implies gaining access to take part in the creation of the upcoming Three Individual NFT Collections for each Tripleton’s new Identity and be rewarded with lifetime royalties, public recognition and so much more. The Tripletonz personages have to develop as separate identities to be perceived by humans at their highest potential, to enjoy their journey on Earth, and contribute to humanity's development. 

The Roadmap Uniqueness consists in addressing our community to take part in all the art creation process of the upcoming Three Individual NFT Collections, named “Tripletonz Birth on Earth” for each Tripleton’s new Identity (distinct traits, body shapes, and other characteristics). 

The Community's whole journey of co-creating alongside us will be extremely competitive, fun, interactive, innovative, and not to mention extremely rewarding. 

On the NFT blooming Market, this so-called “Collective Creative Concept” would be a first and innovative initiative to combine the founders' creative ideas with the communities creativeness in pursuance of designing future projects. This dynamic could hugely impact the NFT Market’s new ways of approaching creation and community contribution. 

Tripletonz will help empower the communities self-expression value through co-creation, helping each individual to embrace their uniqueness and allow each to take part in historical projects through blockchain technology.

Ultimately, the project aims to be a global movement that supports co-creativity and dismisses separateness which has deepened its roots so much in today’s society.

Once the three individual Tripletonz collections are minted, the entire community can finally interact and enjoy their creations through charity, live international events, products such as toys, comic books, merchandise, and web3 games. 

Chris: One lucky holder will win 1 Bitcoin. Can you give more information on this big giveaway? What does one have to do to participate?

The Triplets: As creators, we want to give back to our community the same love and support we have received towards the realization and launching of our NFT collection. The giveaway is our way of rewarding our supporters and loyal followers. 

Every supporter of our project minting at least 1 NFT from Mondie Tripletonz Genesis Collection will get the minted NFT + extra love and extra win.

The Collection will have ONLY 1 NFT with Bitcoin Traits. The lucky finder of the Bitcoin Tripletonz will win 1 Bitcoin and will own 1/1 rarity Tripletonz artwork.

  • To participate, you must mint on 22/09 at 15:00 UTC at least 1 NFT from the Mondie Tripletonz Collection. There are no minting limits.
  • The minting process will be taking place on the platform. We will post the exact mint address on our social accounts. 
  • Chances to win are equal for every supporter. 1 in 10.000 will have a chance to win. The more NFTs minted, the more chances to find the Bitcoin Tripletonz and win 1 Bitcoin.
  • The Win will be transferred to the minters’ winning crypto wallet after the sellout is complete.

Chris: You mentioned extra wins besides the 1 bitcoin. What do you mean by that?

The Triplets: As mentioned previously, all holders will receive extra wins. Based on how quickly supporters mint, there will be 3 tiers.

Tier I: 1-999 Minters will be rewarded with a FaceTime Congratulation Call by the Founders (Max. 5 min call) + exclusive randomly chosen Merchandise

Tier II: 1000-4999 Exclusive randomly chosen Merchandise

Tier III: 5000-9900 Personalised Congratulation Video

The minting price will be 0.08 ETH.