Marina Marina 15.09.2022

Tommy Hilfiger and Rove Airdropped NFTs to All NY Fashion Week Attendees

The high fashion world set foot into web3 pretty long ago, gradually scaling its presence in the metaverse. As proof of this thought, the renowned fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger partnered with the new web3 entertainment app Rove to airdrop free NFTs to the 2022 New York Fashion Week's honored guests during Tommy Hilfiger's Warhol Factory-themed show.

The event took place on September 11th, gathering 1,200 visitors, with superstars like Kate Moss, Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Travis Barker, among others. All attendees were pampered with exclusive NFT treatment, being allowed to mint free Tommy Factory NFTs with the help of the brand-new Rove launchpad. The digital assets depicted an animated image of Tommy Hilfiger taking a Polaroid in the thematic Warhol's colorful style. 

Thus, the initiative by Tommy Hilfiger became the first of a kind to be held during a fashion show. What's more, the honored guests didn't need crypto wallets to access the newly-minted NFTs. The attendees could get their tokens with the help of NFT stickers utilizing Cupcake Protocol, a blockchain technology that verifies the authenticity of the physical object it is linked to. Such stickers were scattered on-site, offering to transfer NFTs to the newly-created mobile wallets with only the touch of a smartphone, through NFC.

Regardless of the NYFW visitors' knowledge of blockchain, everyone could embrace the benefits of web3 without even dealing with crypto and transaction gas fees.

According to Tommy Hilfiger, its Warhol Factory-themed show was a 'multiverse experience,' offering an NFT transaction in a twink of an eye, while the whole process was downsides to a single attachment of a smartphone to an NFC sticker.

Tommy Hilfiger's breakthrough initiative in partnership with Rove offers multiple prospects for major businesses, offering to scale their presence in web3 by targeting new audiences.