Chris Chris 26.01.2022

Every Week we Will be Running Events for Players to Earn with “Relief” Airdrops — Founder's Interview

Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with Sam, the co-founder of Crypto Tycoon at Zomaya Labs. Head of marketing, product innovation, and partnerships for a small Canadian team of three people.

Chris: Crypto Tycoon is a property-based NFT game. What is the entire idea of the play-to-earn token? Please explain in simple terms.

Sam: Crypto Tycoon will deliver a social game experience through NFT collectibles embedded on the blockchain. Rather than a monotonous point-and-click play-to-earn experience, players socialize within a competitive community and negotiate for NFT properties (like boardgame tokens) to complete a neighborhood monopoly. A neighborhood monopoly is the ultimate goal for Crypto Tycoon, with 20 total neighborhoods and 1000 genesis CryptoTown properties to collect in the social game. There’ll be 100 unique monuments in the collection across the city with every property varying in rarity.

Meanwhile, every week we’ll be running chance events across CryptoTown for players to earn with “relief” airdrops during uncertain times. Weekly winners will earn money from the treasury depending on where they live; so the more you collect, the more likely you’ll be included in chance events. The CryptoTown board is a genesis board and will never have more properties added to it; however, the earning channels will be further expanded in our version 2.0 treasury upgrade. Players who join our ecosystem will own a stake (through their access tokens) in our growing web 3.0 boardgame economy.

Chris: How do the players trade with each other on the platform?

Sam: Very simply, players will use NFTs as their immutable boardgame tokens in the social game. There are 1000 CryptoTown properties in the game that will be hosted directly on the Opensea NFT Marketplace for players to easily buy, bid on, and trade their collection strategically. Players will be able to connect in our private social club server using their NFT as their verifiable membership to the social game and earning channels. The trade rooms and CryptoTown community forums are hosted in our official Discord server. Upon launch, we’ll release a private blockchain leaderboard for players to track their competition and compare property collections. Your property collection serves as your play-to-earn boardgame token while the CryptoTown Passport is your membership to the boardgame club. It will unlock access to the expanding CryptoTown economy and members-only areas and events.

Chris: How many such tokens will be released? How can one buy the Crypto Tycoon NFT?

Sam: Our Crypto Tycoon social game will be limited to 1000 total collectible CryptoTown properties forever. There will only be 20 neighborhoods in CryptoTown; however, the universe and properties will be expanded accordingly for players in the future to transition into a metaverse boardgame social club. Players will unlock access into our boardgame economy and ecosystem with their memberships as well as access future airdrops and expansions. 1000 CryptoTown Passports will be sold as golden tickets to the Crypto Tycoon airdrop. Both the memberships and boardgame tokens will play a key role in our version 2.0 treasury upgrade for players to earn more money, power, and utility from their NFTs. Ultimately, our goal is to create a unique social game experience through our sustainable player-owned boardgame platform and treasury, entirely hosted on the blockchain.

Chris: Furthermore, what will be the minting cost of each token? Will they be priced differently?

Sam: The 1000 total supply will be initially sold in a dutch auction for 72 hours on February 2, 2022. We decided a dutch auction was a fair and competitive way for players to both set their own price and compete for a seat in the game. The starting price for the auction is 3 ETH and every 15 minutes the price decreases by 0.015 ETH until sold out or until we’ve reached our reserve price of 0.15 ETH. Any remaining pieces will be sold to the public at this reserve price. There will be a limit of only one mint per public wallet, to maintain a fair launch distribution.

The CryptoTown Passport represents a golden ticket into the Crypto Tycoon social game airdrop and future expansions. Its power and utility will further be upgraded in our version 2.0 treasury upgrade. For now, the on-chain membership will earn a position in the monopoly game with one random property per passport. Whitelist players will earn the competitive advantage of two mints per whitelist wallet and will instantly start the game with two random properties at the lowest price.

Chris: Similarly, do you have some rare tokens? Have you created a rarity chart for the benefit of the investors?

Sam: The CryptoTown board has a diverse landscape with three types of property zoning: Residential, Commercial, or Land. Each zone possesses a different rarity with multiple types of properties per zone. The collection will also feature 100 unique monuments scattered across CryptoTown for players to collect. They represent the rarest property tokens in the collection. A full rarity chart will be dropped during our game launch for a fair and truly random distribution of our social game.

Chris: Interestingly, we also saw there were a few collectibles on your webpage. Is it part of the P2E game?

Sam: NFT properties illustrate each player’s boardgame collection as they work towards a monopoly. They connect to the CryptoTown ecosystem and the tokens utility are fully upgradeable. Each property has a rarity Players will collect money every week on their collection in random chance events depending on what neighborhood they’re in. When we expand the treasury, the property utility will be fully unlocked for players to collect rent. Before we release our full tokenomics and launch our DAO, we wanted to build a community that valued the social game aspect of Crypto Tycoon without just being incentivized by our token economy. Creating the best competitive community culture has to come first. The Whitelist will reward early adopters through our charity events while version 2.0 will expand the ecosystem and introduce more utility for every player who joins along the way.

Chris: How do I get my hands on these collectibles?

Sam: As mentioned, there are only 1000 CryptoTown Passports available to mint on February 02, 2022. These will represent the only way for players to play the social game and connect with other holders in the boardgame club. They’ll be offered directly through our website to mint. The full price details for our public dutch auction are available on our website. Once the total supply is minted, each member will be alerted to our game launch through official channels (Twitter and Discord). At launch, a random property will be airdropped to every holder and the game can officially begin.

Chris: Finally, what is the CryptoTown Passport? Why is there a fee attached to its entry? How does one get into Web3.0?

Sam: The CryptoTown Passport is a verifiable on-chain membership to our social club and Web 3.0 economy. It represents a full access token to the Crypto Tycoon social game airdrop and player-owned treasury ecosystem. Web 3.0 technology opens the doors by removing the need for centralized systems and giving power and utility back to players through decentralized systems. The advent of NFTs and the conventions about ownership, utility, and connectivity of digital property all change. Removing a middle man allows us to direct those savings towards players. The treasury is fully funded by royalties and player trades. Using blockchain and decentralization, each player directly funds and owns the treasury through their NFTs. Players will be able to exercise governance and truly own a share of the platform through their immutable genesis membership. Web 3.0 connects players and permits freedom to own and sell membership directly between players as well. Once you own a CryptoTown Passport, it’s access to an exclusive club and fully live platform you can take part in. There is a fee attached to the entry because each passport represents your access token to the platform and earning channels. It unlocks every future airdrop in the boardgame club starting with one random CryptoTown property being airdropped to each player once total supply is minted and there are enough players to start the game.