Lamborghini and Fabian Oefner are Blurring Limits between Physical and Digital with the First-Ever Lamborghini NFTs

The Italian automobile marque Lamborghini renowned for its supercars is entering the world of NFTs with an exclusive limited-edition drop. The uniqueness behind the project starts from the whole idea and mystery of open space within the Lamborghini Space Key concept, developed by globally-renowned Swiss artist Fabian Oefner.

First, the creator's name was kept secret under seven seals. But while the launch date is approaching, the artist's personality, as well as his conception, are not a secret any longer. The core element of the space-themed artwork is a piece of advanced carbon fiber composite material that has been farther than any car of any brand can ever get. Lamborghini sent their sample to the International Space Station in 2019 as part of a joint research venture. 

After half a year in outer space, February 2020 - August 2020, the composite returned back to Earth to become a centerpiece of Lamborghini's "The Space Key" NFT collection. Lamborghini’s Space Key is actually made of 3D-printed carbon fiber.

There are only 5 Space Keys, and the same number of digital artworks by Fabian Oefner can be accessed via a QR code on the backside of the Space Key packaging.

“What I was interested in by creating this project is the intersection between the digital and the physical world,” Oefner says. “The car and its components, something physical and real, gets transformed into something digital that never existed. And the carbon fiber piece, something physical and tangible, serves as a key to access the digital experience of the art piece. In both cases, there is a metamorphosis from the physical to the digital world.” 

We keep following the company's news feed for updates and soon will share all the details on the drop with you!