Chris Chris 23.01.2022

Owners Receive Free Decentraland Wearable and Free Designer Socks to Everyone Who Mints — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 
My name is Maria Tukhas and I am the founder & designer of the project. My creative journey before NFTs involved graduating from Central Saint Martins College in London,  running my own fashion label, getting an MBA with distinction and building, one of the most in-depth online resources that helps people improve their creative drawing skills. And then 1 year ago I combined all the knowledge and skills and, driven by massive enthusiasm about a hugely innovative space that allows endless creativity, started working on Lucky Panthers with a team of incredibly talented people. Also came up with the motto of Lucky Panthers that is "feel super fantastic," that was a powerful moment on the journey too!
Chris: What drove you to develop the Lucky panthers NFT? How are these lucky?
Maria: We live in exciting times! I am fascinated with technology and was dreaming of creating a polymorphous project that goes beyond 3D and like immersive theater influences the participants through multiple senses and layers of meaning. The aim was to create something truly special for people who are mavericks, discoverers, alchemists, super innovators, wanderers, visionaries and poets - all those who enjoy uniqueness and attention to details and want to be part of something distinctive.
You can "experience" Lucky Panthers through the extraordinary physical & virtual products, you can hear them as they speak on twitter in deep baritone with British accent and, of course, own a fantastic piece of art with layers of symbolic lucky meanings. They also own a particular sense of humor - even the Lucky ones need it!
What is luck?  You can call it a good combination of circumstances, in which a person receives something that he did not even think about, but really wanted it somewhere deep down.
The image of a panther symbolizes grace, luxury and strong character.  Do you know that the author of jewelry with a panther at the beginning of the 20th century was the jewelry house Cartier? Since 1933 precious “wild cats” were worn by style icons Grace Kelly, Daisy Fellows, Mona Williams, Barbara Hutton, Wallis Simpson. Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor, has her first 3D image of a panther in jewelry, sitting on a large emerald!
In our times, the owner of Lucky Panthers NFT continues the legacy of powerful panther symbolism in almost a century of success and success!
Chris: Speaking of luck, what are the benefits assigned to the investor as a holder of Lucky Panthers NFT?
Maria: Our mission with the utility of this project is to be at the forefront of innovation and edge of cool with the wearables - those for real and meta verses - and thus gain more luck to the owners as the journey unravels.
Owners receive:
Free designer socks to everyone who mints
Free Decentraland wearable: Rocket X backpack that is ready to be worn in Decentraland (release date 15th of February)
Free Metaverse helmet X 3D concept model
Free Metaverse Midas Touch Glove X 3D concept model
91% off in our merch store
If we hit 15% of the roadmap 2 of the concept models will be published on Decentraland and given for free to the owners.
As an owner, create a ripple of fame wherever you go and lead your own sophisticated way - in reality or meta reality - and feel super fantastic!
We have 3 more ready wearables concept models and will be airdropping them to lucky owners as we move along the roadmap. Meta wearables will initially be for Decentraland, but as we evolve we are very interested in collaborations with gaming projects. The concept of inter-operability is particularly exciting!
Chris: In a similar way, what can one do with the Lucky Panther NFT after making the purchase?
Maria: Enjoy & engage! Passionate about Decentraland games and need some custom wearables or NFTs created - let us know! Have another game concept and want to collaborate - reach out! Play-to-earn rewards and concepts - we are all ears! We would love to create as many new win-win innovations and implementations happen that will shape and inspire the future realities and meta-realities.
Chris: What are the unique features of the Lucky Panthers NFT? How is each one of them distinct from the other?
Maria: The collection consists of 888 characters, created by a custom generative algorithm out of 10,000+ options. All Lucky Panthers have King Solomon amulet rings, but only 8 have Midas Touch Gloves and 8 are called the Lucky Ones which you should see for yourself to understand why! From Salvador Dali and surreal mustache to getting into meditation and spaceX travels - Lucky Panthers art is very unique and rich in interpretations and meaning. 
Chris: Taking lead from the previous question, how many such unique NFTs are set to release? What is your release date?
Maria: 888 and the mint starts on 22nd January
Chris: Great, so how do the tokens bring together physical reality and the virtual world? Please share your roadmap.
Maria: 15%
We give you all our wild dreams and concepts gift wrapped for testing, experiencing and designed with inherently super fantastic feeling about them
Free physical designer socks to everyone who mints
3 x Free Decentraland wearables: Rocket X backpack, Helmet X, Midas Touch Glove X (1 will be available after 15th February and remaining 2 will be published after we hit the milestone)
3 x 3D concept models of those above to play around on your own

Donations to Royal Science Festival

We will be donating 8% of sales to the most incredible scientific resource that inspires & supercharges curiosity daily of millions of people. It is World Science Festival.

By the time we get here we will have all the new amazing things to share & create! No false promises & overhyped evaluations. True value (including emotional!) & innovation.
Chris: Finally, for the benefit of the readers, please chart out the process of buying a Lucky Panther NFT.
Maria: We will be minting on our website from 22nd of January 2022. To mint a Lucky Panther costs 0.0444ETH. Join our Discord to claim the rewards and Twitter so as not to miss new updates.