Chris Chris 21.01.2022

Inventor Club Provides Utility to Holders Such as Business Coaching, Start-ups, & Revenue Sharing — Founder's Interview

Tristen Larsen (AKA Suited) is an 8 figure entrepreneur & polymath. Tristen has been an entrepreneur since a kid and owns a marketing agency called Tristen is best known for reading half a book per day specifically reading books recommended by billionaires.
Chris: What is the concept behind the development of Inventor Club NFT? What purpose does the NFT aim to serve?
Tristen: Inventor Club NFT is a the real world value NFT for entrepreneurs.
Inventor Club is building an ecosystem of Web 3.0 & NFT products. Currently Inventor Club is making start up investments, has business coaching twice a week and a private mastermind with 7 & 8 figure entrepreneurs aiding up and coming entrepreneurs and inventors.
Chris: This project is the opposite of useless profile picture projects. How is it different?

Tristen: First off, Inventor Club is not an NFT project it's a Web 3.0 & NFT COMPANY. "Project" infers short term and one off, where as Inventor Club aims to be around for a decade or more. 
Inventor Club provides real world utility to holders such as business coaching, a private mastermind, a DAO that invests Artificial intelligence, sustainable agriculture and biotech in start ups, & revenue sharing.
Chris: A lot of investors have already bought Inventor Club NFTs through private sales. Would you like to share a few big names for the benefit of our readers and your potential investors?
Tristen: We've had entrepreneurs like Tony Pec (300k on instagram), Julian Barboza (1.7M on TikTok), Cartel Prezzy (185K), Pauly Long (1.1M on Instagram), Zouwer Powerr (77.2K), Blakesgoing (276K on instagram), Olumide_gbenro (309K on Instagram), Jordan Ross (600k on TikTok), Trulyboyjojo (238k on instagram).

Chris: The NFTs are being sold through private sales, how does it work? How can one buy the Investor Club NFT?
Tristen: We approve applicants who fill out our application & meet our requirements. Fill out the application at InventorClubRocks
Chris: How many tokens would be up for sale through the private sale? When do you plan to launch the public sale? Do you have any specific dates in mind?
Tristen: We will approve 1000 nfts for our private sale, 1000 for a pre-sale and then launch our public sale once we either hit 2000 sold or hit 30,000 users on Discord. Instead of setting dates in advance we will launch a public sale when we feel the conditions are ripe for success.You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates.
Chris: Fair enough! So, what will be the minting cost of each Investor Club NFT? How much will be gas fees?
Tristen: .066 in private sale.
.07 in pre-sale.
Public sale TBD.
Gas fees will of course vary.
Chris: Finally, how does the roadmap go forth for the token? What else do you have in mind for Investor Club NFT after their public sale?
Tristen: Community Building
  • Hype Generation
  • Facebook ads, Mass IG/Discord bots, Giveaway, Youtube sponsorships,
    banner ads on Crypto sites, performance crypto marketing agency
  • Crystalizing Long Term Vision
  • Top Tier Team Building
  • 25%
  • Ethereum given away to community members
  • 50 free NFTs given to community
  • 50%
  • 10 ETH given to community
  • Marketing Launch Phase 2
  • 75%
  • 30 ETH given to community
  • $10K or more invested into a start up of the community’s choosing
  • 90%
  • ETH held for marketing
  • ETH invested into more start ups
  • Creation of next project
  • Purchasing NFT media assets
The Mission Begins
  • Creation of DAO from royalties
  • Companion NFT project released
  • Marketing push 2 begins
2022 & Beyond: Creating A Vertically Integrated Web 3 Ecosystem
  • Buying media assets
  • One new NFT project a month
  • Taking equity in other NFT project
  • Profit reinvested in hiring top talent, new NFTS,
    a marketplace, and next level marketing.
  • Re-distributing reward to community