Bybit Claims The Launch of Its NFT Marketplace with High-Profiling Partner Drops

One of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges, Bybit, with the number of users counting to 2+ million, has just expanded its influence over the NFT area, with the launch of its own marketplace on January 20.

For this, the Bybit company has teamed up with high-ranking NFT projects from a whole range of creators, intellectual property rights holders, brands, and personalities from all around the world. 

The first collab is based on the blockchain game version of a cult mobile game series but yet more interesting and profitable. Monster Galaxy offers Bybit users the chance to get their hands on all exclusive, artfully designed, special-edition game characters, or MOGAs, available for all. You can also earn GGM, the in-game token, by participating in their launch events.

Another high-bidding drop as part of the launch party introduces collectors to 3D Fashion NFTs from Realy Metaverse. The tokens offer their holders an unmatched trip to the high-fashion Metaverse, where they can interact, collect, and collaborate.

The third one, a no less awe-inspiring collection by the renowned art curator ONBD dropped the same day on January 20, featuring artworks by 9 creative artists from around the globe.

Of course, these are just a few from a whole constellation of top-notch NFTs available on the Bybit marketplace. On top of that, a whole bunch of outstanding promotions awaits the collectors. For example, each holder of at least 1 NFT from the Bybit marketplace gets into the race for a big score – 20,000 USDT to be auctioned off on January 31. 

Who knows, maybe you are that lucky one!