Chris Chris 24.01.2022

We are Taking 7 Decks and Creating 9,282 Unique NFTs that Unlock a Plethora of Benefits — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Joe: Joe Cameron, Co-Founder of Crypto Holdem.

I am a serial entrepreneur who spent 11 years as a police officer before owning and operating several successful companies.  I, along with my Co-Founders, Josh and Kenny, have been involved in the crypto/NFT space for some time now and creating this poker-related NFT project/community is the number one goal for us right now.

Chris: The Crypto Holdem NFT is a poker-based card game NFT. Is that correct? Please explain the idea of the NFT.

Joe: Correct.  There are 1,326 potential starting hands in No-Limit Texas Holdem.  We are taking 7 decks and creating 9,282 unique NFTs that unlock a plethora of benefits, including: Access to exclusive events, Prizes like never seen before, Education to sharpen your game, Integration of live and virtual utilities, and Non-stop action at the poker tables! 

Chris: Furthermore, how does the NFT work? Does it also form a part of a poker game or a digital cards game?

Joe: Yes, that is the remarkable aspect of our project. Your NFT can be used as your “starting hand” to win “LIVE” Monthly Board Run Outs. 

There is no poker knowledge or poker experience needed to win prizes in these monthly events for starters.

Each month we will conduct a live stream (YouTube and Twitch) of our Monthly Board Run Outs where we will deal 9 starting hands at a final table. The game begins with 7 brand new, never used, and sealed physical decks numbered 1 through 7. The community will then select which deck will be used for our live reveal at random. We will then reveal each starting hand to see which ones are in contention to win! If your Crypto Holdem NFT matches up with any of the nine potential winning hands and you’ve verified ownership through our discord server, you are entered into the game automatically. From there, we will conduct the “flop, turn and river” aspects of No-Limit Texas Holdem. We have implemented trading windows, live Q/A’s with the Crypto Holdem Team, and so much more during those periods. Please visit our Discord to see all the fantastic aspects of the game-changing game-play element of this project.

Chris: Similarly, how should the investors use their NFT? What more can they do with their Crypto Holdem NFT?

Joe: Access: Exclusive Access to Poker and NFT Events

Prizes: Massive Monthly Prize Giveaways

Education: Masterclass Membership, 1 on 1 Poker Training, and so much more.

Chris: Additionally, what are the other benefits of owning a Crypto Holdem NFT? 

Joe: One unique thing we have seen so far is a massive presence from our International Community. In speaking with many of them, they want to play poker. Once we heard that, our team implemented Monthly Poker Tournaments where you can win massive prizes, incredible perks, and the potential to represent Crypto Holdem in the World Series of Poker Main Event, both in-person and online. 

Chris: So, what is the release date of Crypto Holdem NFT? Do you also have a presale or a whitelist?

Joe: VIP Presale:                  02.20.22

Whitelist/Collab Sale:    02.21.22

Public Sale:                   02.22.22

Chris: How many of these NFTs will be released? How is each token different from the other?

Joe: 9,282 total NFTs will be minted from our website and transferred to OpenSea.

Chris: What will be the cost of each Crypto Holdem NFT? How much is gas?

Joe: VIP Presale:        0.65 ETH

Public Sale:         0.40 ETH

Collab Price:        0.30 ETH

Whitelist:              0.20 ETH

*We collaborated with CryptoDads, Secret Society of Whales, and Chibi Dinos, so if you are a holder of those projects, you automatically get a spot at our Collab Price of 0.30 ETH.

Chris: Finally, please state where should one get the latest updates on Crypto Holdem NFT?

Joe: Please visit Crypto Holdem’s Discord and Twitter for all the latest updates, giveaways and, so much more.