Crypto Tycoon

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January 31, 2022 – February 07, 2022





Blockchain boardgames fuse social clubs and boardgames to the next level, with community-driven "trade-to-win" gameplay that elevates the traditional trading experience. Crypto Tycoon is the first NFT game leveraging classic boardgame rules in the play-to-earn industry with a player-owned boardgame economy. 

Players must collect the necessary properties in an entire "neighborhood" property set to win. The Crypto Tycoon collection is split into 20 collectible neighborhoods where players must bid, offer and barter in real-time against global competition to achieve status of "Crypto Tycoon". The CryptoTown board has a fixed supply of 1000 genesis buildings and will never have more spaces added to keep the game-board fair, consistent, and permanent.

Enjoy a play-to-earn ecosystem that values shared experiences and competition. Our vision for NFT gaming is to expand social gaming to a new audience and create a new category of multiplayer boardgames: Blockchain Boardgames. Players can earn passive income through 100+ airdrop community chance events across CryptoTown while trading to win for even bigger rewards! Hangout in the official Discord traderooms and create relationships with your CryptoTown neighbors. Designed with game-theory economics, CryptoTown is a fully decentralized player-owned town where all trades from the NFT collection directly fund the CryptoTown Community Treasury built strictly for rewarding players. Your collection works as both your game tokens and a passport to an expanding list of earning channels that’ll come with being a social game citizen of CryptoTown.

Crypto Tycoon Earning Channels:
Trading towards a neighborhood monopoly; becoming a Crypto Tycoon
In-game chance events known as Black Swan Events
Launching of our 2nd economy - stay tuned to learn more in version 2.0 

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