Chris Chris 31.03.2022

Holders get access to the Legendary Heroes Alpha Club and special VIP to private events — Creator's Interview

Greetings, NFT enthusiasts! My guest today is Diego Foresi — CEO of Chosen Ones NFT.

Professional background: CEO of Sig Capital Inc. dba as Fork Gaming and Infinity Esports Latin America.  Before joining the fascinating world of Esports and Crypto he held leadership positions at several Fortune 500 companies over the last twenty years.

Chris: Chosen ones are a battle group of next-generation battlers. How does the NFT interplay in the game?

Diego: The NFT will be the player that a person will use in the auto-battler game.  Legendary Hero NFTs will earn more in-game currency tokens and more staking rewards than the future Epic and Rare NFTs that will be coming out when the game is closer to production.

Chris: Interestingly, the NFT has been created by an experienced team of Fork junkies. Please share more about the team and their successful work.

Diego: The Co-Founders of Infinity Esports have created one of the most well-known Esports brands in Latin America.  Infinity has become the largest Esports organization in Latin America gaining sponsorship from BMW, TikTok, Tigo, Logitech, Subway and many more. Infinity competes in various Esports tournaments in Latin American and at the international level.  The company has over 100 pro Esports players and 80 streamers on its roster.

Chris: Again, the token is also supported by a listed entertainment organization. Who are these people, and how will they contribute to Chosen Ones NFT?

Diego: The exclusive developer and creator of the the software and the game is Good Gamer Entertainment Inc.  A publicly traded company on the Toronto Venture Exchange and the OTC QB exchange (TSXV:GOOD) (OTCQB:GGAMF).  The company is led by Charlo Barbosa, CEO who founded and took public during the dot-com era and also is the Founder of one of largest ad agencies in Canada,  The board consists of Howard Donaldson, former CFO of EA Sports and VP of Disney Interactive, Russ McMeekin, Former CEO of Progressive Gaming and Co-Founder and CEO of McCloud Technologies Inc., Praveen Varshney, Co-Founder of MOGO, and Adam Hudani of Masterbrews.

Chris: The Chosen Ones NFT are carefully crafted artwork collectibles. What are the unique traits and features of the NFT?

Diego: Each NFT has its own type of traits, like armour, headgear, colour, accessories, weapon, cloaks, facial expression, and many more.  The main feature for a Legendary Hero NFT is in the upcoming auto-battler game, players can enjoy playing for up to 4 hours daily and earning more in-game currency tokens than you would with Epic or Rare NFT coming out later in the year.  Also, only the Legendary Heroes will be able to earn staking rewards once the tokens are launched in June.

Chris: Similarly, what will be the price of each NFT of the Chosen Ones?

Diego: 0.15 ETH

Chris: The Heroes Club is a special community with some cool benefits. What benefits are we talking about? How can the holders take advantage of these privileges?

Diego: Each NFT serves as a membership card and will grant the holder access to the Legendary Heroes Alpha Club and special VIP access to private events.

  • Use your NFT as an avatar in the metaverse.
  • Gain access to future Chosen Ones airdrops for special NFT collections.
  • Airdrop of 1000 Governance tokens ($125 value on listing date) for every Legendary Hero NFT owned 
  • Opportunity for private pre-sale access to Partner projects for NFTs and tokens.
  • Discounted rates and priority access to Limited edition apparel in the Chosen Ones merch store coming soon.

Chris: What are your plans for the future of the Chosen Ones? How do you plan to expand after the public sale of the NFT?

Diego: Our plan is to do a private and public Governance token sale and then launch the marketplace with the Epic and Rare heroes.  We are looking to launch and Alpha version of the game hopefully by late summer and a beta in the fall with the full-release in December.  Along the way, we plan on creating special character Airdrop NFTs for the Legendary Hero owners. To learn more about the project and its future, please visit our website or join our Discord & Twitter. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Chris: In the end, please share a step-by-step tutorial of the minting process of the NFT. 

Diego: Go to 

  • Click on Connect wallet either in the widget in the middle of the page or top right side 
  • Once your wallet is connected, you should be able to see mint button and quantity of NFTs 
  • Choose the number of NFTs that you would like to mint then click the mint button. 
  • Once you do this your wallet (for example metamask) will prompt you to pay for the transaction. Review the transaction amount and gas and confirm the transaction. 
  • Mint site will show you notification when transaction is pending and will keep you updated on the progress. 
  • Once the transaction is confirmed you will be forwarded to the Gallery page that will show you the NFTs that you minted. 
  • Note that the NFTs will not be revealed at mint, and will be revealed at a later date. For now you will see a generic picture and a generic name, until NFTs are revealed. 
  • You can preview your NFTs also within your Metamask (on mobile), as well as on Opensea.