Chris Chris 30.03.2022

The Airdrop and Minting promotions will Provide the best Price Benefit of all - Free — Founder's Interview

This time around we are talking to Robert Jones, who represents the group of crypto whales that make up BallerWhale. He takes care of the communications and press for BallerWhale.

Chris: Ballerwhales are hand-drawn program-generated NFTs that come in 100s of unique traits and characteristics. What is the core concept of the BallerWhales? What motivated you to pick whales as a representation for your NFT?

Robert: BallerWhale was created by a group of crypto investors with large holdings that wanted to enter the NFT space in a way that showcased their crypto status to the world. The whale was a natural fit as people that hold large amounts of a particular coin are known as whales. The main concept of BallerWhale is to create a community of successful crypto investors whereby each whale represents a particular type of crypto investor with some whales being more valuable than others.

Chris: At the core, the NFT supports multiple minting. Are you looking at allowing price benefits to the investor through the creation of crypto whales?

Robert: BallerWhale will provide a number of benefits to owners as the NFT will also double as their access card to the exclusive BallerWhale club. In terms of price benefits, the airdrop and minting promotions will provide the best price benefit of all - free! Some other benefits include voting rights, private sales and deep discounts on cool merchandise when the store is available.

Chris: It is striking that you have chosen the less crowded polygon network for the token? Is there any specific reason for not picking the popular Ethereum blockchain?

Robert: We conducted an initial test using some of our BallerWhale HODL portraits on the Ethereum network and one thing we noticed was that during certain times the Ethereum gas fee was higher than the cost of the NFT. This was unacceptable to us as we do not want people to pay more in gas than the NFT itself. We also want to encourage people to buy multiple NFT's so that they may gain additional benefits. 

We decided to move to the Polygon network, which is becoming more popular in the NFT market, due to their drastically lower gas fees. In our initial test run on the OpenSea testnet the gas fee to buy a BallerWhale NFT from their marketplace and to mint a free BabyBallerWhale for people that qualify for it was under 10 cents. We feel this is a much more reasonable fee to pay for gas than the tens to hundreds of dollars it could cost on the Ethereum network.

Chris: So, what is the minting process of the Ballerwhales? How can I get my Ballerwhale NFT?

Robert: We created our own custom smart contract to mint the BallerWhales and make them available for sale on the OpenSea marketplace. BallerWhale's can be bought directly from the OpenSea website. This is the only marketplace that they will be available on at this time.

Chris: There is a scope for minting a free baby Ballerwhale as well. How can one sign up for minting the free NFT as well?

Robert: To mint a free BabyBallerWhale a person must own a minimum of two BallerWhales in their account and then connect their wallet using the Polygon network to our website to mint their free BabyBallerWhale. Every two BallerWhales will mint a free BabyBallerWhale.

For example:
A person with 3 BallerWhales will be able to mint 1 free BabyBallerWhale. 
A person with 6 BallerWhales will be able to mint 3 free BabyBallerWhale's.
and so on...

Our novel smart contract will automatically count how many BallerWhales a person has in their OpenSea wallet and grant access to mint their qualifying amount of free BabyBallerWhales.

Chris: What will be the cost of one Ballerwhale NFT? Is it possible to mint just one token and not the pair?

Robert: BallerWhale will be sold for 0.035ETH on the OpenSea marketplace. You can buy one or multiple NFTs. It is more beneficial to buy two or more as you can benefit from minting a free BabyBallerWhale from our website before the collection drops on OpenSea later for 0.02ETH.

Chris: There is a merch store for the Ballerwhales. Is it active online? What all can one buy from the merch store?

Robert: The BallerWhale store is slated to open in Q4 of this year. We will offer a variety of merchandise decorated with the logo and slogans. Some of the products will include clothing lines, jewelry, and everyday items. BallerWhale NFT holders will receive discounts on all the merchandise.

Chris: In the end, Please share your future plans with our readers. How is Ballerwhales expected to grow in the times to come?

Robert: The original BallerWhale drop of 4000 on April 4th with the rest to drop in the summer will be one of the most valuable BallerWhales in the series as it is needed to participate in all airdrops and free minting opportunities. There will only be around 10,000 BallerWhales available. Once the BallerWhales are all sold anybody that wants to acquire one will have to purchase it from an existing owner in order to participate in an airdrop or mint a free upcoming BallerWhale.  

One of our most anticipated BallerWhales is the BallerWhaleMECHA that will drop in the Fall. This is a mechanized version of the original BallerWhale that is created to honor the true crypto whale techies. Other whales slated to drop this year are BallerWhale HODL, BallerWhaleDOGE, and the most valuable of all --the BallerWhaleKING. 

As we introduce new whales into the BallerWhale family and provide promotional airdrops and free minting opportunities to those who want to benefit early; the price of the original BallerWhale, and any other whales needed to participate in the promotion, will increase.

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BallerWhale also has plans to enter the metaverse and provide a very unique play to earn opportunity with each NFT that offers special benefits later on.