Gary Vaynerchuk and VeeFriends Jump-Start into Fashion with the Inaugural Apparel Collection

Gary Vaynerchuk is undoubtedly one of the most spoken-of and influential figures in the NFT world. Vaynerchuk, better known as GaryVee throughout the realm, is the CEO of VeeFriends NFT project and Chairman of VaynerX. The forward-thinking entrepreneur has always been out of limits, bringing his breakthrough innovative ideas to life and educating others.

In recent days, GaryVee and VeeFriends surprised the community with a new, unexpected endeavor. Thus, Gary Vaynerchuk sets foot in fashion with the inaugural VeeFriends Spring/Summer ’22 collection to launch on March 29th.

”We are excited to announce the VeeFriends Spring/Summer ’22 Apparel Collection launching on March 29th at 11 am EST on the VeeFriends website," the VeeFriends blog publication reads.

The VeeFriends apparel collection is a result of a series of collaborations with trendsetting streetwear fashion companies such as Staple Pigeon and Anwar Carrots, as well as famous retailers like Nordstrom. The trendy items from VeeFriends’ Spring/Summer’22 are represented by 100% cotton T-shirts and hoodies featuring some of the people's characters and emotions, hand-picked by GaryVee himself. 

The graphic collection items allow their owners to better express themselves by opting for a print that matches their tempers and moods. Each item in the limited-edition collection comes adorned with prints saying "ambitious," "genuine," "kind," and more, designed in different fonts. The size chart includes items from S to XXL so that anyone could add a meaningful piece to their everyday look.

 “This project was built on my ambitions of building a community in a way that we were never able to do before. I’ve had a strong vision for VeeFriends from the start on how we would bring value and expand the offering for the community,” Gary Vaynerchuk commented on the collection, adding: “This is an exciting moment for me as we step into apparel with VeeFriends, and I can’t wait to see what piece resonates with each one of you.”  

The VeeFriends Spring/Summer ’22 tees and hoodies will be available in Fiat only and cost from $40 up to $110. The number of items per order will be limited to only two items. Choose your characterful clothing and get it delivered to the stated US address in 3-5 business days. Worldwide shipping is also available.

Go to the VeeFriends website and order a top-notch item that resonates with your inner self to the fullest.