Chris Chris 30.03.2022

We will do a Giveaway where 44 Baby Hedgehogs will be distributed to Community — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Exolith: Hi, i`m Exolith, the founder and developer of the Baby Hedgehog NFT Collection. I come from the software development industry and have many years of experience in application and app development. Some time ago I discovered my love for cryptos and the web 3.0, which hasn't let me go since. So it was no wonder that I finally started to develop my own NFTs!

Chris: Baby Hedgehogs have been released on Ethereum and are waiting to get minted. The hedgehogs did not release in a whitelist or a presale. Any specific reason for omitting the promotional sales at the onset of the NFT?

Exolith: Our goal was to make the sale as fair as possible for everyone, and that only works if you don't offer whitelist spots or pre-sales.

Chris: Baby hedgehogs are cute and cuddly. What makes each token unique? What are their traits and characteristics?

Exolith: Each baby hedgehog consists of a background, body, fur, face and headgear.
In total there are more than 100 different traits for the hedgehogs of which each one was hand-painted with much attention to detail.

Chris: It is interesting to note that you can earn Rewards while holding a Baby Hedgehog. How do these rewards come about? And how one claim these Rewards?

Exolith: These rewards are the fees that are distributed to each owner on a resale of a baby hedgehog. This allows all owners to share their royalties and earn passive Ethereum income on the side.
Later they can then claim their Ethereum rewards via the website.

Chris: The royalties from secondary sales of Baby Hedgehog NFT will be credited to the holders at 5%. How and when will the holders receive their royalties?

Exolith: These fees are deducted each time after a resale and immediately distributed equally to all Baby Hedgehogs.
These allocated rewards are then stored in the Baby Hedgehog contract on the Ethereum Blockchain until they are claimed by their owner.
Their owners can claim the rewards for their Baby Hedhogs automatically upon resale or manually via the Website.  
However, in the case of automatic claiming at the time of sale, the owners save the gas fees in contrast to manual claiming.

Chris: I cannot wait to own the cute hedgehog. How can I mint my NFT?

Exolith: Starting 4th April, 0.00 UTC, you can mint your Baby Hedgehog on the website. Early bird Buyers can also get an extra Bonus in the form of Ethereum!

Chris: Along similar lines, what will be the cost of minting one Baby Hedgehog NFT? What percentage of the cost goes towards gas?

Exolith: The cost of one Baby Hedgehog is 0.044 ETH, with gas fees depending on the load of the ethereum network.

Chris: To close, please share the future roadmap of the token with us. What are your plans for expanding the scope of the NFT for the token holders?

Exolith: After the official sale we will do a giveaway where 44 Baby Hedgehogs will be distributed to our community, and a raffle where you can win a total of 8 ETH.

Also we are planning some rebuy actions, where some baby hedges will be bought back via the public marketplaces, and then distributed to the community again via raffles.

We also look for utilities and scenarios in the current leading metaverses. We are planning to host events, raffles, and giveaways in those metaverses.

What the distant future brings is still unwritten but it could go for us in the direction of an own staking platform or a completely own marketplace.


To learn more about the Baby Hedgehog project and its future, please visit our website or join our Discord.  We are looking forward to seeing you!