Chris Chris 30.03.2022

Holders can Flex not Only their NFT but their Own Events and Businesses β€” Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

NFTFlex team: Hi, We are the creators and developers of, we have a combined 10 years in blockchain development, and over 30 years traditional development experience.

Chris: is a token that allows exclusive wall space purchase. What are these wall spaces? What is the idea behind the development of these spaces?

NFTFlex team: Our idea is giving NFT Holders the chance to FLEX their artwork alongside some of the best.  With the goal of getting a fully populated wall and being displayed at a high profile IRL location such as Times Square, or just their own Coffee Cup.

Chris: Subsequently, how does the investor flex his NFT on this space through

NFTFlex team: Our application at will guide the holder through the process.  Identify your space, click configure and select the NFT you want to FLEX, a wallet transaction to store the information is required so the holder just pays the gas.  Within a few minutes the NFT will be integrated into the wall.

Chris: More importantly, how does ensure that the investor NFTs flexed on these wall spaces are secure?

NFTFlex team: This is an important one for us, we have taken this very seriously though the development phases. 

At no point does ask for any approval nor do we take custody of the flexed NFT.

We do checks in our smart contract to ensure the owner of the space is the current owner of the flexed NFT and store only a reference to the flexed NFT in our smart contract.

Chris: There is a community that guarantees increased visibility to the investor NFTs? How can the holders get themselves into this community?

NFTFlex team: Our community is primarily Twitter, Discord and Instagram and open to all who wish to join us on this journey.

Chris: The tokens will be released in four basic categories. What are these classes of NFTs? How is each category different from the other?

NFTFlex team: The categories are Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum reflect the size of the space on our wall.  Platinum being the largest and rarest in the collection with only 8 available.

Chris: Moreover, what will be the cost of one NFT from each category? Are they priced differently?

NFTFlex team: Each category is priced accordingly with the amount of space it takes on our wall,

Bronze   0.2 ETH, the smallest but no less significant.

Silver   0.3 ETH, twice the size of a bronze and rarer.

Gold     0.6 ETH, penultimate size less than 100 will be available.

Platinum 1   ETH, only 8 of these will ever be minted

Chris: The NFT walks through phases of release and development. What is next on the roadmap for the holders of tokens?

NFTFlex team: So, on the 30th March the wall went live, this was the starting point of our journey.

Phase 2 will be providing the ability to link social accounts to a space and advertise social media posts in the detail section of a space.  This is a great opportunity for holders to flex not only their NFT but their own events and businesses.

Phase 3 is our very own merch store, where people will be able to purchase merchandise, configured with their own NFT.  We will be accepting crypto payments maybe even $APE.

Phase 4 will be the ability for a space holder to rent out their space on the wall, terms of this will be entirely down to the owner.  A great way of creating a passive income from

At 100% mint we have a number of exciting events, we will display the full wall at IRL locations around the world and maybe even the metaverse. 

We will be creating a unique timelapse NFT of the walls journey which will be airdropped to lucky space holders. 

More merchandise added to the store.

Post Mint, this will be down to the community to decide. space holders will have the opportunity to guide and vote on the next steps. 

The metaverse is the community’s oyster.

Chris: In the end, please share the minting process of the

NFTFlex team: Head over to and select the space you want from the live wall and mint.