Chris Chris 07.04.2022

Holders will get Access to Exclusive events, Auctions, Beta testing, and Much more — Creator's Interview

This time around we are talking to Blue Magic, head of Boss Cat Rocket Club 

Chris: Boss Cat Rocket Club NFT is a part of the Boss Planet Metaverse. What are these cats doing on the lands of the Boss planet?

Blue Magic: The Boss Cat Rocket Club is our OG collection, being the first before releasing the Rockets, Boss Planet Real Estate and the upcoming VOX Collection. While the Boss Cats will not be entering Boss Planet themselves as avatars (Boss Planet is VOX based and our original Boss Cats are not VOX), they will be reaping the many benefits by means of future whitelists and access to exclusive events, auctions, limited sales, alpha and beta testing, and first glance at any future project developed by the team. The attributes of our up and coming VOX Cats collection are based on our original Boss Cat NFTs, and will all be airdropped for free to our holders (there will be no pre/public sale). The VOX Cats will serve as the OG Avatar counterparts to our Boss Cats, and will allow our original members to enter and engage with all the exciting experiences being developed across Boss Planet!

Chris: The VOX Cats* are cute pixelated works of art. What are the key traits of these cats? How is each cat unique?

Blue Magic: Similar to the Boss Cat collection, the VOX Cats will feature a plethora of attributes, some being far more rare than others. The VOX Cats will be the OG avatar collection for players in Boss Planet, made available exclusively to our Boss Cat and Rocket holders. Each VOX Cat will consist of a unique combination of traits, making each one of a kind. Players will further be able to equip their avatars with other awesome equippable content which will be made available in the near future when the VOX Cats enter Boss Planet, making players’ avatar even more personalized and unique!

Chris: In the meantime, the Boss Planet Metaverse allows the building of personal properties, stores, games, concerts, museums, and galleries. How can the investors build these by owning a Boss Cat NFT?

Blue Magic: To develop property, an investor or investment firm must own the actual real estate in Boss Planet. Owning a Boss Cat NFT will only grant you certain benefits and exclusive access as mentioned above. To develop a business or a personal virtual home, you would have to own the land you wish to build on. In line with this, we have seen a huge influx of investors buying up massive areas of land for their future developments.

Chris: Accordingly, how are the Boss Cat NFTs priced? Do rare tokens bear a higher price?

Blue Magic: As with any NFT collection, the price is very much determined by the free market itself. As the demand for tokens increases, so does the price. In almost all cases, the rarer an NFT is, the higher a buyer is usually willing to pay for it.

Chris: The team for Boss Cat NFTs also plans to release a cryptocurrency on the Metaverse. What will be the use of these cryptocurrencies on Boss Metaverse?

Blue Magic: We do indeed have our own Token in development. While we can not disclose a release date just yet, we hope for it to launch well within 2022. We intend for the token to be used as the ubiquitous currency for all transactions across Boss Planet. It will be used to purchase items and tickets, pay for entrance fees and services; a stable coin to peg the Boss Planet economy to; the absolute value of which depends on the free market of the metaverse itself. We have a whole lot more planned for our token (both within and beyond Boss Planet!), all of which we will gradually be releasing updates on over the coming months! 

Chris: Moreover, there is quite a significant list of people working towards building the Boss Metaverse. Who all are on the NFT building team? How do members contribute towards building the Boss Cat NFT?

Blue Magic: Indeed we are a big team spread across the globe all working together to develop and perfect every detail of our collections, from conception to release and beyond! There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into developing a project, from the artwork to blockchain development, not to mention community management and marketing. Our team consists of individuals from all backgrounds, from business and investment, programming and game development, community management and marketing, to economics and psychology. Pulling together the diverse set of skills our team possesses was absolutely essential not just for the project to succeed, but also for it to continue to thrive in the highly competitive space that the NFT market is. 

Chris: Please share the roadmap of the NFT with the investors? How does the NFT expect to grow in the next 6 months?

Blue Magic: The Boss Planet Road map is focussed on building an incredible metaverse experience for a future digitally focussed generation. We are collaborating and partnering with brands across the globe to develop a meaningful and significant digital space with real world utility. Where in the past we have been dependent on the physicality of a brand or service, we look to a future where this is no longer a priority, let alone a necessity. We expect our NFT collections and Metaverse to continue to gain evermore traction over the next 6 months, as more international brands and influential individuals make their involvement with Boss Planet public. Our roadmap is further focused on the tokenomics of the Boss Planet coin, and the stability of the metaverse economy. Play to Earn game mechanics, verified community content marketplaces, social spaces, player accounts, and dynamic avatar stats are just a few of the many systems currently in development. While all NFT projects can be expected to fluctuate over time, we are moving forward with 100% confidence in what we will be delivering in the future and expect the long term value and potential of our NFT collections and Boss Planet to continue growing over time. Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

Chris: Before closing, сan you add some highlights on Boss Cat Rocket Club?

Blue Magic: We currently have a lineup of celebrity endorsement from internationally recognized individuals. All-Star and NBA Hall of Famer Baron Davis is our official Boss Planet Brand Ambassador, while respected Influencers such as boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, Baron Davis, Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill, and DJ Hook N Sling to name a few, have all joined us at Boss Planet. They among countless others are building their personal metaverse experience and game on their privately owned Boss Planet estates. Manny Pacquiao is one of our latest celebrity partners, which home we are working closely with to bring an incredible never seen before experience to Boss Planet! We are also in partnership with Manny to develop his own NFT collection which too, will tie in with Boss Planet!