Chris Chris 06.04.2022

Holders will Recieve Free Mutant ape and other IRL and Metaverse Benefits β€” Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself.

Christin: Hey, my name is Christin Jasmin. I am jointly responsible for PR and marketing, as well as social media. I have been working independently in these areas for over four years. 

Chris: How did you guys come together to bring Ape Society into being? 

Christin: We, the main team are 3 people. All 3 of us are originally from Germany and have known each other for several years and have successfully worked together on projects in the past. We were very inspired by the success of NFT's and then thought about launching our own collection. And here we are - with our hand drawn, unique 4444 pieces Ape Society collection. 

Chris: The Ape Society is distributed in classes. How are the features and traits unique to each class? 

Christin: The idea behind the 3 different classes is that we find exactly this construct in real life. It's not just one base character with different traits. Every class has their own traits. The poor apes with a gap in the teeth or cut in the ear, who stand on the street begging for money or work. The middle class, who simply enjoy their existence with a cool cap and gum and the high class, who rule the world with crowns and credit cards. 

The poor class apes stand out clearly from the middle class with a crack in their ear, sad eyes and their style of dress. The middle class apes wear caps, chew gum or read books, like in real life. 

While the high class Ape's hold their black credit card in their mouth or leave for the next high society weekend in a golf shirt. 

Chris: Simultaneously, is it possible to pick out a rare token and buy it? In other words, can the investors choose their NFTs or does it get revealed only upon purchase? 

Christin: The assignment of the Apes is completely random. None of the holders can choose an ape. Until his favorite Ape is found on the secondary market and he can grab it from another Holder. 

Chris: Furthermore, Ape Society will not only be a collection but is a long-term lifestyle brand. What does it mean to create a long-term lifestyle brand NFT? How does the team will bring it to life? 

Christin: For us, Ape Society is not just a project that is over after a month, but a building of a brand little by little. For example, we have planned merch and mutant apes for Roadmap 2.0. We want to create a longer-term brand for this. 

Every holder of a high class ape is eligible for an OG role. OG roles are automatically members of the ‘HSAC’ High Society Ape Club. 

HSAC member have different benefits: 

Christin: - FREE mutant ape 

- FREE limited merch 

- Access to OG channels in our discord 

- Other benefits IRL and in the metaverse (TBA in Roadmap 2.0)

Chris: Until now, there have been numerous Ape NFTs. How does Ape Society set itself apart from the crowd? What does the roadmap to the future look like

Christin: The main difference from all other Ape NFT collections are the different classes. To this extent, we have not seen this before. 

There will be a roadmap 2.0, which is not yet published. Among others we will implement Merch and Mutant Apes here. 

Chris: What are the marketing plans undertaken to make the token popular? Do you already have some known collaborations? 

Christin: We have tested different marketing strategies. So far we have achieved the best results with paid ads and listing sites like NFT calendar. We have some NFT Influencers on tiktok and youtube on board as well. To that end, we will continue to expand our marketing strategies. 

Chris: What will be the price of one Ape Society NFT? How much will be the cost of gas? 

Christin: The price for one of our NFTs is 0.079 eth + gas fee. Gas fees vary depending on system load and therefore cannot be accurately determined in advance. We work with an ERC 721 smart contract and this has the advantage that you pay less gas fee. 

Chris: Please describe the minting process in detail.

 Christin: It's simple:

  1. Go to our website
  2. Click on ‘mint now’ - a new side will open 
  3. Connect your wallet and decide how many you like to mint 
  4. Confirm the transaction on metamask 
  5. After 20-30 min your NFTs will show up on OpenSea