Chris Chris 06.04.2022

We will have 1 NFT Airdrop to Anyone who Mint our CCDC nft at 5 NFT β€” Founder's Interview

Today, we are joined by Wine Techasukiij – Founder of Careless Cats Do Care.

Professional Background: Master degree in USA and receive certificate of technology and innovative Entrepreneurship from Standford University. 

More than 15 years of business development.

Owner of tech startup company, marketplace base saas platform in Asia. Receive Asia and International award such as Huwei Spark Ignite and She love Tech Competition.

Chris: Careless Cats Do Care NFT is a unique name. What is your story behind picking the Cats as your NFT tokens?

Wine: Normally when cat would like approach someone, they have own talent to act like they are sweet and begging so people surrounding always love them easily. But if they prefer to have their own private space, they will change to fighter and survive whatever happen. That’s why we love this character as it reflects as human behave that even people love in social life but when they need to stand by themselves, they also can stand by themselves with no doubt. 

Chris: Additionally, the Careless Cats look beautiful and mean. What are the different traits that make the token unique? What are some of the rare features?

Wine: Our story is about “Eye laser shot” to bring out the talent that we believe everyone has own unique. So, our rare items will have laser from their eyes. 

Chris: So, what does the user receive when they purchase the NFT. Is it just the artwork, or there is something more than that?

Wine: We pay attention in building community together with all CCDC holder so our vision is every holder will have a part in creating metaverse in their dreams to have.

Chris: Interestingly, the NFT also supports UNICEF. What is the aim of this donation? How much of the proceeds will be donated as charity to UNICEF? Who decides on the amount of donation?

Wine: We aim to donate $100,000 to Unicef as an education fund as our project is about bring out the talent so we give a priority in education to all children as a main. 

Chris: Do you have airdrops and a presale? If so, what are your official channels of communication?

Wine: During pre-sale period, we will have 1 NFT airdrop to anyone who mint our CCDC nft at 5 NFT. You can follow us in discord and twitter for all announcement and interact in CCDC community.

Chris: Your team is quite elaborate and experienced. Please introduce your team. How does each member contribute towards building Careless Cats Do Care NFT?

Wine: Firstly, both of our founders are the founder of Tech startup in Asia and we foresee that world change fast from Web 2 to Web 3 so we decide to start “Careless Cat Do Care” project. After, covid-19, all human behavior has been changed and we believe that in the nearly future people will spend their life in metaverse equally in real life. So, we would bring these two world parallel together, that’s why we bring all expertise in tech startup, artist, Game Designer, Game developer and blockchain developer to create our Careless Cat Do Care project. 

Chris: In the end, what are the plans for the future? How do the Careless Cats Do Care NFT grow after public minting is over?

Wine: Now, the world is changed, metaverse is becoming what people talk about as it is the beginning of life being. Careless Cat Do Care start the project on the start period and we believe from now on people will spend their life in both metaverse and real-world half half. It’s not just a game play and earn but it s about being there, show own talent and use them as a weapon to earn money and support people in CCDC world.