Samsung Integrates Nifty Gateway into Its Exclusive Line of Smart TVs

Perhaps, Samsung is the most innovative of all existing tech brands. One of the most recent technological breakthroughs was announced the other day. Thus, Samsung has recently held a presentation of the new series of TVs, that serve best for browsing, buying, and trading digital art and collectibles thanks to the built-in Nifty Gateway NFT marketplace and a bunch of additional specifications. They also feature digital art storage and optimized screen display.

All those who purchase QLED, Neo QLED, Micro QLED, or The Frame 2022 Samsung TV model acquire an NFT-friendly TV set capable of really much, concerning NFTs. 

For The Frame and MICRO LED TV series, Nifty Gateway provides its own app. With the joint Samsung/Nifty Gateway technology, the prime TV owners will be available to manage their non-fungible assets from the comfort of their favorite armchairs. Besides, clients will be provided access to the 6,000+ artworks of iconic and newcomer artists in the NFT realm.

You just need to find Nifty Gateway’s portal in the Samsung Smart Hub to see how gorgeously (or not that awesome) each NFT looks in “full-screen mode.” 

Once you want to purchase a new non-fungible art piece, you can just take your bank card and proceed with the operation, which will be showcased on a TV screen. Full transaction history and other details of your previous purchases can be also accessed via Samsung’s new TV models. 

"Nifty Gateway's mission is to bring NFTs to a billion people by empowering creators and simplifying the way customers buy, sell, create, and hold NFTs. We are committed to making NFTs accessible and NFT purchasing more seamless than ever before," Duncan Cock Foster, co-founder of Nifty Gateway commented on the partnership with Samsung.

The Korean tech giant announced its NFT intentions at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show. But NFTs are not the only Samsung's focus, as the brand is actively realizing its metaverse-aimed program. For example, the iconic VR New York City store's presentation earlier this year was a total success offering Samsung fans a ton of exclusive experiences including a chance to win NFT collectibles.