Alethea AI Launched a CharacterGPT dApp to Create AI NFTs on Polygon from a Single-Line Prompt

Alethea AI, a research and development studio, has just announced the launch of its new decentralized application, allowing users to create AI-powered NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. The breakthrough AI-powered dApp called CharacterGPT enables people to create NFT avatars by simply entering text-based prompts.

This move by Alethea AI will likely facilitate the popularity of non-fungible assets powered by artificial intelligence, as the new creations can be easily traded on Polygon. Upon utilizing Aletha AI's CharacterGPT tool, users can not only generate images based on text, but create fully interactive AI-backed avatars from “a single-line prompt in natural language.”

To market the launch of the dApp, Alethea developed a digital representation of Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal. Further, this virtual version was turned into a one-of-one AI NFT artwork, which was generated from Naiwal's “writings, public statements, and interviews.” What's more, there's a golden check mark attached to the collectible to prove Naiwal's agreement to this NFT creation. This golden mark became possible thanks to “AI Protocol: a property rights and ownership layer for Generative AI that is now live on Polygon.” 

Commenting on the CharacterGPT-powered AI portrait of himself, Polygon's co-founder said: “I have seen firsthand how Alethea AI has developed this technology over the last few years and through their CharacterGPT AI engine. My team is excited to continue supporting Alethea as it builds on Polygon and to bring the power and potential of generative AI to the thriving ecosystem.”

With such a massive backup, Alethea believes that famous people, top managers of big companies, CEOs, and other influential personalities will use CharacterGPT to create AI-powered digital duplicates of themselves, that can also be used in different metaverse spaces, as well as on gamified platforms, and social networks.

And you may wonder what all this means for Polygon and its founders. At the current early stage of AI NFT popularization, the association of the blockchain with the new, promising niche will likely give a major boost to the already popular Polygon.

For now, everyone willing to explore and mint CharacterGPT AI NFTs can go via this link.