Doodles Unveils Doodles 2 NFT Project, and It's Going to Drive on FLOW

After about a year of painstaking labor, the global web3 entertainment company and founder of the blue-chip NFT collection, Doodles, is coming back with the long-awaited sequel — Doodles 2. The new series is reported to comprise millions of customizable tokens, as opposed to the initial 10K of Doodles PFPs, and would be operated on the Flow blockchain.

The whole Doodle community has been following the steps that founders in the face of Evan Keast, Jordan Castro, and Scott Martin aka Burnt Toast have been undertaking the whole past year. Recalling the most significant milestones of the past year, these endeavors are the first ones to pop up in mind: from Space Doodles to the Dooplicator, Genesis Box, Doodle Records, and of course, the onboarding of CEO Julian Holguin and Pharrell Williams to the executive team. Of course, we couldn't miss out on shedding the light on the most recent deal announced a few days earlier, namely the acquisition of the award-winning animation studio Golden Wolf.

Thus, all these steps were preparing the highly respected Doodles community for the new, much greater NFT drop — Doodles 2. The details of the upcoming release were announced by the project founders back in June at last year's NFT NYC. There, at the event, the Doodles team reported that Doodles 2 will be running on a blockchain different from Ethereum because of the mainnet's huge gas fees. At that time, rumors were circulating about the transition to Solana or Polygon. But the pick of FLOW came totally out of the blue. Thus, according to the post by Decrypt, Doodles will be the first high-profile NFT project to start on Ethereum and shift over to FLOW.

Now, let's return to the upcoming Doodles 2 NFT collection itself and delve deeper into its mechanics and specifications. 

To begin with, the core aim of Doodles 2, according to its founders, is scaling the ecosystem and going beyond just an NFT-focused community.  

The Doodles 2 mission is to make our digital identity and the style of Burnt Toast accessible to everybody. Over the last year and a half, we’ve learned that some of the best retaining tools are community, attractive art, self-expression, and personalization,” Castro said, adding, “But, you know, there’s some friction and hurdles with that. Doodles right now are multiple ETH each, and there are only 10,000 of them. This is our solution for getting people into our community and into our ecosystem of NFTs.”

As for the outer designs, to the joy of the collection's army of fans, the NFTs will keep their pastel color palette and joyful, friendly temper. 

Marketed as “A Doodle for Everyone,” the upcoming series will offer minters to grab a base-level Doodle NFT and choose traits like skin tone and hair color to further customize their PFP with wearables, which will have different rarity tiers. 

On January 31st, all Doodle holders will receive their rewards, and the project will initiate the launch of the Dooplicator, a “super-powered device” stated to have “perpetual utility” even beyond Doodles 2.

Dooplication will be the first step of the Doodles 2 cross-chain journey allowing holders to mint the first edition of Doodles 2 wearables. Further, in about a month, the Genesis Box will open for holders, revealing the set of second-edition wearables. Besides, each edition of wearables will contain a Doodles 2 Beta Pass, which will give holders access to a private beta of the create-your-own Doodle tool down the roadmap.

Summing up everything above stated, the Doodles 2 Alpha can be roughly divided into three stages:

  • Personalization of a Doodle with attributes like body, hairstyle, emotion, and beyond
  • Customizing the Doodle with wearables, including apparel, accessories, gadgets, and more
  • Trading a wearable Doodle NFT while multiple collections of wearables featuring partner creators, brands, and musicians' stuff will be released through marquee drops.

All these new bounties, in addition to zero-gas transactions, and the transition to the multichain model for the whole Doodles ecosystem make the launch of Doodles 2 one of the most anticipated events in the NFT space. 

We keep sniffing the wind for updates to deliver all the freshest updates to our community. Stay tuned!