OREO Is Dunked Into the Metaverse with the Launch of the OREOVERSE Virtual Experience

The world's most popular cookie brand, OREO, is now being dunked into the metaverse in partnership with Meta Horizon World and a cookbook publisher, Martha Stewart. This unexpected initiative comes with the release of the new limited-edition cookie named The Most OREO OREO. The whole buzz about the yum is that it is literally full of itself: the Most OREO OREO features two-chocolate flavored wafers packs with lots of crème, and OREO grind mixed in.

Celebrating the new delicacy's launch, OREO has come up with its first-ever metaverse experience named OREOVERSE, which is an interactive virtual world that welcomes visitors with a plethora of fun games and joyful activities.  

OREO fans will be offered to participate in multiple cookie-themed games and challenges, while eligible participants will be able to win tons of mouth-watering prizes and a super prize worth $50,000.

Hosted on Meta Horizon Worlds, the OREOVERSE can be accessed using a Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro headset, or just via a PC or an iOS/Android small gadget.

As for the first explorers of the meta cookie universe, the lifelong fan of OREO, a famous cookbook publisher, media person, and an avid web3 and NFT enthusiast, Martha Stewart will help the attendees to navigate the OREOVERSE in the company of her friend and companion Ryan McCallister in a live stream on January 30th via OREO's Facebook and Instagram channels. Although Martha Stewart is not new to web3, with more than one NFT collection in her portfolio, such experience as in the OREOVERSE will be her debut in the metaverse.

I am excited to make my metaverse debut in partnership with one of my favorite cookie brands, OREO, and having Ryan there with me will make it all the more fun,” Martha Stewart commented on the upcoming endeavor, adding that “the two of us had our fair share of adventures over the last 10 years and have been able to navigate just about anything together, especially in the garden!

Celebrating the Most OREO OREO launch, the company's Senior Brand Manager, Julia Rosenbloom shared that “the Most OREO OREO cookie gives fans a whole new way to playfully engage with us. By scanning the pack, they will ‘dunk into’ the new OREOVERSE world.”

Are your mouths already watering longing to try a new OREO, while your fingers are ready to delve into the OREOVERSE and enjoy the fun time? Join the live stream with Martha and Ryan, and win sweet prizes on January 30th. May luck be with you!