Chris Chris 01.02.2022

The Most Active Players on the Leaderboard will Receive Exclusive Weekly Rewards — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! How are you? What's your name? 

Zushan and Tommy: Zushan Hashmi and Tommy Bui, we are the two Co-founders of ADA Ninjaz. Zushan is COO and community lead and Tommy Bui is CEO and Project Manager.

Both of us have been mates for three years and used to work together in the public sector. After Zushan introduced Tommy to crypto, a few months later he told Zushan all about NFTs and pitched an idea to him to create an NFT. Six months later, ADA Ninjaz is now well on its way to becoming a full-fledged community-driven multimedia NFT, manga, anime and music entertainment business.

Chris: So this is season two of an NFT that sold out in minutes of launch in season 1. What is the story behind the season two drop of the NFT?

Zushan: Season two’s drop is all about the Atsuko Clan, who play a critical role in the Ninavan clan culture.

Still hundreds of years old, this clan has kept the shadows as its closest companion. The fringes of life and what lies beyond are the realm where they prefer to reside. Deemed “The Outlaws” of Ninava, this clan has never endured much love in Ninavan eyes, although fear has given them the respect they deserve. Controlling the underbelly of Ninava, their main source of clan sustenance is what most judicial systems would deem illegal, but how do you enforce this on a clan that makes its own laws.

We are very excited to launch the second season and you will see that it has been illustrated in a different art style as compared to Season 1 - The Aramar Clan.

Chris: The ADA Ninjaz looks ready for war and mayhem. What are the powers assigned to these NFTs? What are the benefits one receives as an investor?

Tommy: Holders of ADA Ninjaz Clan NFTs are given voting rights to vote on two key elements:

General operations and the ADA Ninjaz story, lore, and world creation. This will be our biggest utility. ADA Ninjaz will be in the driver's seat on all major decisions. Specifically, the Atsuko Clan holders will get double the voting rights for lore and world creation.

We are also excited to announce many exciting collaborations, our own game, music and much more as forms of utility, and can be all read in our recently released Ninjaz Scroll Whitepaper.

Chris: It seems that the clans have different features and aims. How does one define identify rarities among the tokens?

Zushan: As developers we try not to get too caught up in the concept of rarities but rather the utility that is attached to each NFT. That being said, we do list all of our core seasons’ drops on for those you love to tinker with the concept of rarities.

We also have had many of our community purchase their NFTs purely because they love the artwork, agnostic of its rarity. This is something that we hope to see more of because people should be buying NFTs that they enjoy and love, not because something or someone else has told them that the NFT is a ‘rare’ NFT.

We are taking this a step further with the introduction of role playing and the element of clans into our seasons. If you are an Atsuko at heart, show your support to your clan by buying Atsuko NFTs and fighting for your clan’s survival!

Chris: We can’t wait for the launch of the new set of NFTs. How can I mint the NFT? Will you be having differential pricing for these sets of ADA Ninjaz as well?

Tommy: Minting will be all done on our website, using the NFT-Maker PRO payment gateway.

Price will be a fixed 48 ADA, with 2 ADA refunded with the NFT. Make sure you check our website, Discord or Twitter to be up to date as the mint date and price can be subject to change.

Chris: How much funds would go towards royalties? What is the plan for the utilization of these royalties?

Zushan: All core collections can be bought via the secondary market (e.g. or and includes royalties to the Ninjaz team of 2.5% per sale.

As the implementation of royalties has only been a recent addition to the Cardano protocol, we are still internally discussing its best use case. Most likely the royalties will sit within our treasury to re-invest fully into the continual improvement of our ADA Ninjaz ecosystem.

Chris: How does it go forward from here? In other words, what are the future plans for ADA Ninjaz?

Tommy: Our goal is to become the first multimedia entertainment business driven by the community. Whether it’s NFTs, manga, music or merchandise, the ADA Ninjaz community has a say in how things work, where the direction should go and what we should be doing with the business.

Our one-year developmental roadmap can be found here and consists of what we envision over the next 10 or so months. We have just published a whitepaper that elaborates and expands on this roadmap to provide our visio. If anybody wants to know more you can find it here.

Chris: Any plans on moving into the metaverse and gaming?

Zushan: Yes, and so much looking forward to it! We are in the process of developing our game ADA Ninjaz: Clan Battles which is a rogue-like 2D 8/16 bit pixel style multiplayer game where ADA Ninjaz NFT holders get to battle it out 1v1 against other ADA Ninjaz NFT Holders. The game will include a leaderboard with weekly rewards being handed out to the most active and/or top performers.

As the infrastructure around the metaverse matures, we will look at opportunities to enter, whether it be via unique ADA Ninjaz metaverse merch, avatars, or land.

Chris: In the end, please introduce the team behind the ADA Ninjaz. How is each member participating in development of the token in the second phase?

Tommy: Since the conception of the ADA Ninjaz brand in September we have onboarded 22 core staff or 35 including our awesome Discord administrators.

We are a global team, with staff located in Australia, Germany, the USA, the Philippines, Spain, Pakistan, Poland, England, Indonesia, Kenya, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago, Portugal, and India.

Managing meetings across so many time zones is a challenge but so much worth it! ;) Our team is essentially divided into manga artists, writers, marketing, operations and Discord admins.