Chris Chris 31.01.2022

Multiple Giveaways, Treasure Hunts, Competitions or Quizzes, Anyone can Win really Cool Prizes — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

BarBone: I’m BarBone, the Artist and Co-Creator of Calcium4Bones. I worked as an engineer for several years until I fall into the crypto and NFT world some time ago. My hidden passion was about art and creative design, so I quickly dove into this amazing and revolutionizing ecosystem! Now I have become an NFT art collector, aiming to launch art-related projects on the Blockchain. Working side by side with an amazing team, with a large marketing, finance and crypto background, we are building an amazing project, looking forward to become a referent in this world! 

Chris: Calcium4bones is a unique idea. Please explain what inspired you to develop Calcium4Bones as an NFT? What is your story? 

BarBone: Calcium4Bones was born with the aim of becoming something different in the NFT ecosystem. There are so many similar collections out there, with little or mainstream roadmap, and we did not want to be part of it. C4B collection follows a dystopian story where NFTs are the key element.  

The story takes place in a close future, where overpopulation and climate change lead to a chemical-nuclear war, which eventually brought Bones back to life. Bones forge a new society, where Calcium is the main commodity for consumption. Our roadmap is the continuation of the story, where every step is a new chapter, with real utility for Bones holders (from Calcium Factory a.k.a. Staking, to royalties from future episodes). We are building not only a collection but an ecosystem for the Bones supremacy! 

Chris: So, these tokens are artwork NFTs? How many of these C4B tokens will be released in the NFT space? 

BarBone: The Calcium4Bones collection is not just about the art. Of course, we put a great effort to deliver an amazing collection with fun and cool pieces, but also, a unique Roadmap full of coming utility is introduced, making this a 360-degree project. 

First, the initial collection will consist of 11.155 NFTs, all of which are going to be Bones. After that, further side-collections are planned to be launched in order to complete the Calcium4Bones universe. 

The first collection after Bones is planned to be the Survivors collection. Bones barely know anything about them as they believe there are no alive people left... But as far as we know, there are up to 4 different factions… Which one will you stand for?  

Chris: Furthermore, how is each NFT unique from the other? What are the different traits or characteristics of the NFTs? 

BarBone: Something truly special about this collection is the insane number of traits it has (more than 300). Calcium4Bones is one of the most colorful and varied collections in the Ethereum blockchain, introducing traits never seen before in any other collection and combinations will blow everyones minds. The characters of this collection all have an amazing and unique personality, making it easy for the users to find one to identify themselves with.  

Chris: Similarly, how do you define the rare tokens? How do the investors identify the rare ones? 

BarBone: Bones are divided into 6 tiers, from rarest to more common. Tier 1 is composed by the rarest Bones, which basically will consist of some unique super-rare NFTs. These can be easily identified as they will be completely different from the rest, with unique hand-drawn traits. Also, in Tier 1 we can find some Bones full costumed, consisting of Bones with the same theme-traits. From Tier 2 and above, Bones will become less rare depending on the traits they own. Each tier will have different weight regarding prices, games and activities, so the rarest the Bones, the more strength and rewards! 

Chris: What is the release date of Calcium4Bones NFT? What will be the minting cost of each NFT? 

BarBone: Calcium4Bones collection is set to be released on February 8th, 2022. It will have a fixed cost of 0,055 ETH, despite ETH prize has drop or pumped by then. 

Also, on February 7th, 2022 we are launching a Pre-Sale for whitelisted members. There will be over 500 Whitelist spots with up to 20 mints per person! Pre-sale price will be 0.045 ETH. 

Chris: Additionally, how does one mint a Calcium4Bones NFT? 

BarBone: Minting will take place on our website. In order to be able to mint, investor must have a Metamask Wallet and some ETH on it (at least 0,055 ETH per Bone + some additional for Gas Fees). Metamask should be connected to the site, and now you are ready to bring a Bone back to life! Then, just click over the Mint Button on the main page, select how many Bones to mint and accept the minting on Metamask.  

We know that investors might be a little concerned about gas fees… However, we want Bones to be accessible to everyone so we decided to launch it in an ERC-1155 standard instead of ERC-721. The main (and amazing) difference is that people can mint several Bones at a time, with a significant reduction of gas fees!  

Chris: In the end, please share how does the roadmap go from here for Calcium4Bones NFT? What are your plans for the future of Calcium4Bones? 

BarBone: We have defined an amusing roadmap, as we aim to build something big in the NFT ecosystem. Once we launch, we have a lot of activities and actions that we know will make a difference! You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates.

I) Bone Bonding - We plan to strengthen our Bones community by launching some funny activities where anyone can win really cool prizes! Multiple giveaways, treasure hunts, competitions or quizzes are just a few! 

II) Bones Store - Exclusive merch just for Bones' holders! 

III) The Calcium Factory – NFTs can be staked in order to earn Calcium (it works as points). With that Calcium, holders can access to new NFTs, Airdrops, raffles and unique rewards!  

IV) The Episodes - The entertainment industry has arrived to Boneywood! Calcium4Bones will produce several amusing video episodes where some of the NFTs minted will be the characters! Holders of the featured Bones will receive ownership royalties in ETH. 

VI) Meet the Survivors - We thought they were gone. We were wrong. Humans are back! Supremacy does not exist without an opponent race. A secondary collection called “The Survivors” will launch in the near future with 4 different factions to choose from. Which will you stand for?