Chris Chris 30.01.2022

Holders Can Create Their Own Special Leyen to Display in the Collection Forever — Creator's Interview

Chris: What is destabilizing art? Tell us more about this concept and how your project is advancing this trend in the NFT space.

Leyens team: Destabilizing art is meant to challenge/disrupt the normal preconceptions about what art is/has to be. Leyens (lines) are as simple as art can be and yet as complex to the viewer as they make it. We created the Leyens collection to prove that NFTs do not need to be complicated and can be as simple as just a leyen.      

Chris: Who are the creators and founders, and what are their backgrounds?

Leyens team: The creators wish to be anonymous for the time being, while the project is being built out. We are a team of two who have backgrounds in programming, music, video, and game design. Over the years we have worked on projects ranging from light shows to crypto trading. We are currently employed in development fields. 

Chris: Do you have a whitelist for the drop on the 31st January? How many people can get on?

Leyens team: There is no whitelist for the Jan 31st drop. We currently are offering 382 unique Leyens which are available to mint for 0.111111. The Genesis Leyen, (leyen 1) is currently available for sale on looksrare. Given the recent issues surrounding the Opensea contract, we encourage sellers to list on looksrare if possible. 

Genesis Leyen Link.

Chris: What is the total number of NFTs that will be sold on the first drop and how much will each cost?

Leyens team: We currently are offering 382 unique Leyens which are available to mint for 0.111111 on our website 

Chris: A common concern among NFT buyers today is utilities. Does Leyens offer any perks for its community members?

Leyens team: We are working hard to build a VR experience which will have exclusive perks for the NFT holders and allow the holders to customize their Leyen anyway they see fit. The customizations will then be uploaded to the blockchain and be stored permanently on-chain. We also offer a members only discord where holders will be able to speak with one another.

Chris: How about the NFTs themselves? Are there any levels or traits that impact the roles of the members?

Leyens team: The NFT traits currently denote the design, count, and program of each Leyen. The "Disposition" trait meaning will be kept secret until a future date.  

Chris: Leyens VR sounds really cool. Can you share a bit more about? What should we expect?

Leyens team: Leyens VR will allow anyone to experience the collection in VR. For those who do not have a VR headset, you will be able to just use a PC. Holders will have special access to just the Leyens they hold and be able to customize/paint their Leyen however they would like. The newly designed Leyens will then be uploaded to the blockchain and be permanently attached to the collections artwork. This means holders can create their own special Leyen to display in the collection forever.   

Chris: You are on all the socials, which platforms are you most active in sharing the latest news on your project? 

Leyens team: We are mostly active on Twitter, but do support, discord and telegram as well. We are very excited for the launch on January 31st and are working very hard on bringing the VR experience to life. Check our twitter for updates on the VR platform. Moreover, we have published the low-gas smart contract we built Leyens on. This contract was custom built to reduce minting gas fees by ~50% and has proven through extensive testing. 

VR Alpha Tweet 

Smart Contract Tweet