Chris Chris 30.01.2022

We Grant VIP Access for Future Belvedere and ArteQ Drops to All the Holders — Founder's Interview

Chris: “The Kiss” is an interesting choice – why this painting? Tell us how this project came about…

arteQ team: The fascination with Gustav Klimt’s painting “The Kiss” has undiminished since it’s creation over 100 years ago. In cooperation with Belvedere museum, we got the opportunity to be create this project and bring this world-famous masterpiece into the meta verse. 

Chris: How about the team? Who is on the team and what are their backgrounds?

arteQ team: A collective of artists, tech experts and people that love to create memorable projects and bring art closer to everyone out there in the meta verse.

Chris: The drop is 10-14 Feb how many spots are available on the whitelist? How can I join?

arteQ team: In total we over 10.000 NFTs, during the whitelisting phase people can register for a max of 5 pieces, therefore depending on how many people sign up and the amount, the whitelist phase will still accessible via

Chris: How many NFTs will be sold in total during the first drop? Please share some details on the minting process.

arteQ team: 10.000 unique NFTs will be available, each one has a number and it’s distinctive coordinates of  “The Kiss” artwork. 

Chris: The Kiss is one of the most famous paintings in Europe, but some people may not know this… So it brings me to this question – what are the typical characteristics of a person that would fit perfectly in The Kiss community? Who are you looking to attract?

arteQ team: “The Kiss” NFT Drop is for everyone really, we are trying to attract the already existing NFT community but also making it more accessible to classical museum visitors and people that enjoy historical art. 

Chris: Tell us about the Belvedere Museum… What makes dedicating a piece on this wall to a loved one special? Are there any restrictions on the message that can be sent to a loved one?  

arteQ team: The dedication can be a romantic gesture of love, a dedication to someone special or simply to have your own name eternalised on the NFT. Gifting someone a dedicated NFT, of such a romantic masterpiece like “The Kiss”, seemed to us like the perfect way of bringing the world of NFT closer to everyone. 

Chris: What are the long term plans for this community?

arteQ team: We grant VIP Access for future Belvedere and arteQ drops to all the holders. they can also participate in online gatherings events for Gustav Klimt.

Chris: Where can we keep updated with your latest news? Which platforms do you use?

arteQ team: We are on: 





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